A 'D-List' star uttered a profanity about Jesus. Controversy ensues.


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Some stories are best told straight. On Sept. 8, Kathy Griffin, a bawdy, foulmouthed comedian, accepted an Emmy Award for her reality show, "My Life on the D-List," and in her acceptance speech she explained that while other actors might thank Jesus for such an honor, she wouldn't consider it. "Suck it, Jesus," she exuberantly added, waving her statuette in the air. "This award is my God, now."

Outrage from Christian groups predictably followed, led (also predictably) by William Donohue of the Catholic League, who went on CNN to complain that "Hollywood laughs when she says 'Suck it, Jesus,' but if she'd said 'Suck it, Jews,' or 'Suck it, Muhammad' ... they wouldn't be laughing, would they?" Then, newspapers reported that E! Television would scrub the speech before airing it the following weekend, which triggered an equal and opposite outcry from liberal groups accusing E! of censorship...CONT'D
It was edited when it went out that night...they cut it out....they had better sense. Yet like everything it could have died its death, the comedian missing her chance cause she went over the top and the censors thought better.

But no as usual the opposition raises a stink and publicizes it and now she wins, adds to her five minutes of fame based on a show that says I'm a nobody... and I'll let everyone else make me somebody...

Odds are it'll add to her shtick and her paycheck this year and years to follow...all thanx to those who can't leave it alone.