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as salaam aleykum

I would be interested in hearing other peoples experiences during prayer, particularly if you have converted to Islam or another faith.

During prayer today I tried so hard to feel the presence of G-d, to lift my soul to Him during prayer.

Trouble is I had conflicting visions in my mind (I still have trouble concentrating during prayer and my mind goes off on tangents).

From my Christian upbringing I saw big white stairs, fluffy clouds and this judgemental father figure who wouldn't mind if I jumped on his lap, said sorry and kissed his cheek. I imagined curling up in a big fluffy cloud and feeling safe and secure - although the cloud was very dark grey.

From my Muslim beliefs I felt that I was wrong to even try to imagine Him and I should just cower a lot. Silly when you consider that the Quran teaches that Allah is all merciful - so why would I feel I was a worm that should cower and not dare lift my eyes?

When I tried to ignore these visions and think 'outside myself' I just felt a strong enveloping energy. There was nothing to see but plenty to feel, although I did get the feeling it was watching me in a big way but not a nasty way, just watching and knowing.

Am I making any sense?

Are these just my human mind applying different things I have heard or seen over the years?

What do you see in your mind when you pray?

slaam my sister

before any thing ,,, i want to tell you that when we try to concentrate on certain point we will see some thing like a light..or shapes especially if there are sources of lights around us when you want to think about anything with concentrating like that will see those things.

about our prayer in Islam .. let your heart ready to pray ,,by concentrating on what you try to say to allah in your prayer.

you should remember that Allah the greatest give us the chance to make direct relation with him 5 times each day..he give us everything and we must thank him ..he have the power to help us when ever we need he forgive us when we make mistakes

prayer or Slaah means in Arabic ..make relation with Allh ,,,

So it is important to save the relation with him ,,,he is the only you will find anytime you need day and night...

In the beginning of our prayer we will start with words ( Allah Akbar) which is mean Allah is the greatest,,,so anything else should be ignore because we are in encounter with Allh ..

We also..should understand the meaning of the words that we say in our prayer (this is our concentration)...not repeat it without thinking of it.

prepare your heart to this illuminator moments thinking in his power and mercies ..he will hear you he will see you..and his angels write everything you will say or do..he will be with you to guide you to the truth,,,just know the meaning of your slaah ( prayer) will feel that he with you and give you the inner safety...

your prayer will be as great as you feel of his greatest...

hope this can help
'as-salāmu calaykum MW,

Random looking I came across this....

1. Whatever is in the heavens and on earth, doth declare the Praises and Glory of Allah. to Him belongs dominion, and to Him belongs praise: and He has power over all things.

2. It is He Who has created you; and of you are some that are Unbelievers, and some that are Believers: and Allah sees well all that ye do.
3. He has created the heavens and the earth in just proportions, and has given you shape, and made your shapes beautiful: and to Him is the final Goal. 4. He knows what is in the heavens and on earth; and He knows what ye conceal and what ye reveal: yea, Allah knows well the (secrets) of (all) hearts.

I know there is probally a message here that is far from the message I got, but the message -I- get from this; Maybe Allah is showing you something? As it says he can see all you see, but he also shows you at times what you need to see....... Knowing the in's and outs of you MW, I would suspect he is trying to reveil something, and yes, as it does show he is of mercy and beauty... Not of fear......

maca salāma ;)
salaam my friends

Thank you for your comments.

I think it was a time of spiritually moving up a gear, if you see what I mean. I went from trying to limit Allah to what my brain could imagine and accepted that He is WAY more than that. I cannot see Him in my mind or create images from stories of Him, I finally understood just for a second - He watches me constantly and is aware of everything in my heart.

I was not frightened as such, I just felt like I was being watched, as though I was an atom in a test tube and a very BIG eye was watching me with interest to see what I would choose to do.

If I tried to draw you a picture it would be of space and some multicoloured energy that fills space and goes way beyond but so aware of every tiny spec within space and time.

I am just starting to sound like a nut now but it was what I experienced. :eek:

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيْم

اَلسَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَاتُهُ

It is difficult for me also to concentrate while I am doing sholat. When I become an Imam, my thinking calculate how my jamaah are doing. Do they come late or can they hear my voices or is there any important person join... well, it is really disturbing me.
When I am a makmum, I try to close my eyes often just to help me seeing other people sholat, HaSatan is bothering me all the time, to make my pray look good (then others), to show to others that I am a knowledge man.

Yes.. it is very difficult to be IHSAN.

One day, when I sholat alone, I saw myself in my brain doing sholat... Suddenly I fell that I am not where I am. I saw myself takbir, ruku and sujud, I fell that I am nothing for a few seconds...

اَلْحَمْدُ ِللهِ رَبِّ الْعَالَمِيْنَ
salam Allaho alaykom,
Actually, what MW talked about, i think, is experienced by all of us....we all experience those moments of being abscent minded in our the degree that sometimes i think of repraying again to get the sweetness of being in good contact with Allah....
Salaat needs the presence of two things::eek:ne is apparent and the other is hidden. the apparent one is the body, and the hidden one is the heart...
Muslim scholars say that khoshoa or preparation for good prayer begins from wodooe..whaen you are doing this, you have to think that you are preparing yourself for meeting your most beloved....
May Allah accept our prayers, and help us to be strong believer as He loves His strong believers more than the the weak ones....:)
May Allah accept our prayers, and help us to be strong believer as He loves His strong believers more than the the weak ones....:)

As-Sallamu aleykum,

I would say that Allah loves all believers... I would say he would love say for example Muhammad (Sall-Allahu aleyhi wa sallam.) As much as he loves you... as he is a loving merciful being of great power.... You do his will and you shall be rewarded and loved... Ma sha Allah.....

yes, 17th angel, you are absolutely right...Allah loves all believers.....i didnt say He doesnt love the weak believers, bt i said He loves more the strong believers....
imagine you are a teacher, a good one, of course you love all your students and wish them the best, bt you love more those who do their best to communicate with you, follow your instructions, and do their duties...
Allah loves all His creatures, and that s why He sent to us Prophets to show us the true path and obtain happiness ....
Allah loves all His goes without saying, Allah is loving and merciful....yet, we cant deny that Allah loves more His strong believer than the weak strenght has various meanings:strenght in prayers and all religious practices, strenght in defeating the commanding soul, strenght in doing good deeds by helping people and defending justice......
hope this make clear what i meant.......
Salamo Allahi alaykom