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לבעוט את התחת ולקחת שמות
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Have you seen the little piggies crawling in the d
Did you know the main area for the stand has many ferral cats and kittens within it.... Did you also know, that they wish to bulldoze this area without even attempting to rescue/remove these lives? And currently are not allowing people to go in and rescue them? I felt like raising the awareness of this..... Thanks.
Interesting the ebb and flow of how we value life, and the lines we draw.

Stray cats and dogs not so far back were fodder for most anything.

Today we have groups (in some countries) which trap, neuter, release and feed these animals.

And then there is the whim of those that watch that some endangered species isn't affected by some construction yet other construction goes forward willy nilly.

And then what of the animals that aren't endangered? Surely feral cats don't fall on this list, yet they do rise above voles, moles, mice, rabbits, birds, bats in regards to animals that we generally concern ourselves with in matters such as these.
Life is life.... Although I will admit that I value all other animal life over human life.... Which is strange isn't it, even though I just admited life is life.... Say horror movies... The norm today, you don't even flinch when a person is cut down and slaughtered... Someones pet dog or so on... Oh it gets quite tense..... mmmmhmmm.... Again as I said whatever life it is, if you know it is there and it can be prevented from being ended.... Do so... Be it endangered or not.