Christianity and Islam have so much in common.

1. We both believe in God
2. We both believe Jesus is the Messiah (at least.)
3. Mary is typically regarded as the most important woman, ever.
4. We both got Abraham!
5. We both have holy places in Jerusalem.
6. We both believe in almsgiving.
7. We both fast at one time or another for purity of body, mind, and spirit.
8. We both have weekly worship.
9. We both are commanded to pray daily.
10. We both believe in divine assistance.

What else?
Christianity and Islam...

1) Both believe the Bible to be the Word from God--despite Qur'an stating that certain things in the Bible have been corrupted by the man.
2) Both believe all of the prophets before Jesus pbuh.
3) Preach Heaven and Hell
4) Warn of The End of Days and all of the scary things that will precede it
5) Share the story of Adam pbuh and Eve ra
6) Preach the extreme dislike of satan and his evil tricks
7) Talk about Angels pbut and encourage great respect for them
8) "Peace be upon you" is something both religions claim
9) Both preach the love for the Next World above the material
10) Both condemn greed, violence, mischief, adultery, lying--despite what the adherents to both faiths have done
11) Both have martyrs simply because they were Christians and Muslims--in thousands
12) Both have been hijacked by various individuals claiming to commit evil in the name of both faiths
13) Both encourage chastity/virginity
14) Respect for one's neighbor and the poor is preached in both religions

What else?
waw......wonderful....u squestioned:what else? and i want to ask: what does it mean?what does it mean that Christianity and Islam have so much in common?? in my view, it simply means that the origin of both religions is one, which is God....and that both Jesus and Mohamed are prophets of the one and the only God......thank you for the imporatn thread........:)
This is so refreshing.

If only more people focused on the similiarties instead of the differences.
I imagine our world would be a bit more peaceful.
I agree that it is far more beneficial to focus on the similarities rather than the differences. I read on a website about a "peace mala" that was designed to encourage peace among the faiths; it's a type of bead bracelet for sale in the UK. It says that every major religion and most not-so-major religions hold some version of the Golden Rule: to treat others as you'd like to be treated. And isn't that essentially the basis for all social interaction? If only the followers of all these faiths would hold to their own teachings, the world would be a more peaceful place, don't you think?
anyone that has genuine love towards God and faith in God in their heart and loves their fellow man are wonderful things to have in common.