The Hugging Saint

Hi Brian...I have read about this remarkable person in the past and am fascinated about her mission in this life. I believe it all just goes to show how starved most people are for unconditional love and acceptance. Amma's dedication to her mission in this life speaks volumes to us all.

I'd call this an ultimate expression of "Christ Consciousness" although I try to avoid labelling anything or anyone. Let's hope that Katarina's experience will somehow allow her to unfold her arms and open them up to embrace others. Thanks.

I find it beautiful. There was a video I saw of a guy in the US that started a hug campaign, and soon people were all hugging each other in the streets. Oddly enough, the police stopped the hug campaign, but after they collected thousands of protesting signatures, it was allowed to continue.

Open affection for others can be a wonderfully uplifting thing no matter what, but I also think that someone who attains spiritual growth to the extent that they truly love unconditionally probably also has a very strong energy to their presence that magnifies the experience and creates greater retention for the "huggee."
She has been visiting near where I live for years. I went to see her once and got my hug. It was a strange experience watching the whole operation. Her personal entourage was very protective of her. It didn't do a whole lot for me. As a strong Intovert, I found hugging a stranger while hundreds of other strangers watch a bit uncomfortable even if she is a saint.
What a fascinating story! I'd line up if she were to ever come near my town (highly doubtful, tho). It's funny, isn't it, the profound impact something so seemingly trivial can have? So many people are starved for affection and love, it's really not that surprising how her popularity has grown. It reminds me of the video for the Dave Matthews song, "All You Need is Love" (or something along those lines). The guy does nothing all day but go around hugging strangers. I think it's great; it takes us back to the very basics of life, what we all need and crave. And I believe she is doing a service for humanity: if no one else will hug you, she will. What a beautiful heart she must have! :)