hi br.bruce,
i think you may get rid of some of the chlorine, especially what the water can't hold or is overloaded with but certainly not the bulk in my unqualified opinion. first water is a carrier and "hungers" for substances to fill it. also the alkaline minerals being of an opposite charge will also attract. there are also other chemicals. i don't feel it will all evaporate once the water is distilled either; about as much and as fast as the water itself. i even used to brita filter my tap water prior to distillation and it helped but not much.

during the recent floods this summer i had to store bowser water and it still smelt of chlorine (they added more) a week later. i actually did standing baths in mineral water during the crisis and the difference in my skin was loads. i'm now purchasing a whole house filter as i found a good one for under a £100.

i think i have seen a dr.emoto vid on youtube, very good if i remember rightly. sensitve chaos has been on my must read list for a while! i am also interested in steiners bio-dynamic farming and so have come across work on flowforms. it truly is an amazing and divine substance.

hi path of one,
from your talk on acidity and heath issues i can see you've learnt the right way by allowing your body to teach or tell what it likes and does not. it takes a few years but they're valuable lessons. i have problems with acidosis to. one big factor i think is hi gi as all sugars fermenting and even undigested starch create acid by products. all pharmaceutical medications also add to acidosis as well as personal and house cleaning chemicals, as you seem to have found out. i'm guessing by tums you mean antacids is that correct? i'll answer as if thats right and if i'm wrong ignore this ; people who suffer acid indigestion have actually been shown to be very deficient in stomach acid, and so the problems arise from poorly digested food fermenting and producing acids. if you have acidic tissues you are unable to support an acidic stomach as the overal mean acidity would be very high. this is safety measure the body employs to stay as close to homeostasis as possible. the hay diet without fruit with low gi also is, in case you don't know, very good at alkalising the body.

in england if it says "spring" water i think i'm right in saying it can come from bore holes or even taps, however if it says "mineral" then it must come from a protected spring. yes plastic bottles are not ideal, although they are easy to recycle over here, that doesn't make them o.k. we have the malvern spring 20 miles from my house which is said to be one of the best in the country...if its good enough for the queen it'll do me! do taste good. i can't get there atm :(. other probs with filters is that they can become a hive for bacteria and also it is claimed that the emf frequency or information of the fitered substances remain in the water and affect the body homeopathically. i think you can buy revitalisers quite cheaply now that wrap around the faucet. best wishes jase...
Hi chakraman,

Thanks for advice re chlorine.

There used to be a colour therapy expert in Avebury- Theo Gimbel of Hygeia Studios.

More on water:In Friedrich Rittelmeyer's "Meditation" he claims the following:

"When the man of ancient times spoke of water, he did not think only of bathing or of sailing in a boat. He felt water to be religious. Water's
power of purification was to him divine and worthy of veneration. In baptism still lives a remembrance of how man can dip into a purifying,
revelation-bringing element. All laws and regulations about washing and
purification are connected with this fundamental feeling. Man had above him a higher world which, through the water which it sent down from the heavens, received him again and again into its purifying forces. Instead of bathing, ancient man thought of religious purification, instead of sailing, he
thought of crossing the stream after death or in initiation. The latter, the
crossing of the stream, was the esoteric of ancient religions, the former,
the purification, its exoteric. And so the old religious feeling lived with
water. And when we notice what miserable remains but still remains-of these feelings are alive in men to-day when they rejoice in water because of bathing and sailing, then we can perceive with our eyes what changes there have been.

"Now let us look at the six stone water-pots, which stood there after the
manner of the purifying of the Jews." In this stands the whole of antiquity.
In this stands the old religious existence of men."

I like the way he connects water with heavenly things through the rainfall.
Of course! the ancients saw water falling from heaven and considered it

Water still has a drawing power. Folk still feel the need to get into a boat
and use the excuse of fishing. But what are they really doing?- just
sitting, taking it in... most of the time.

Emil Bock says that where the sea meets the shore, there the soul and spirit meet. Jesus of course, did a lot of teaching by the sea. In the past there were great mystery temples by the sea- places like Tintangel too.

You know, if one was to predict it, ice should not float, but if it didn't life of Earth would not be possible. Ice has the peculiar characteristic of expanding rather than contracting, as would be expected. Actually, as water freezes it does contract but at about 4 degrees C it begins to expand. There are other strange things that occur at zero degrees as the following will show.

While Helena Blavatsky was shunned by some in the Theosophical Society, she had little study meetings in London with stalwart fans. These are published as Transactions of the Blavatsky Lodge. Here is an excerpt of relevance to our subject:

Q. When Tyndall* took a large block of ice and threw a powerful ray upon it and thence on to a screen, there were to be seen the forms of ferns and plants in it. What is the reason for this?
*(Professor John Tyndall b. 1820)

A. .......Occultism would explain it by saying either that the ray helped to show the astral shapes which were preparing to form future ferns and plants, or that the ice had preserved the reflection of actual ferns and plants that had been reflected in it. Ice is a great magician, whose occult properties are as little known as those of Ether. .....This is well known to the learned Yogis who dwell on the eternal ice of Bodrinath and the Himalayas.

At any rate, ice has certainly the property of retaining images of things impressed on its surface under certain conditions of light, images which it preserves until it is melted. .... in decomposing the ice with heat you deal with the forces and the that were impressed on it, then you find that it throws off these images and the forms appear. It is but one link leading to another link.

-H.PB. Transactions of the Blavatsky Lodge.

These things were also known by Anthroposophists:

"When Steiner noted that the icy crystals that form in winter on the panes of windows are different on a flower shop from those appearing on the windows of a butcher shop, he suggested to Pfeiffer and to another of his early followers, Lily Kolisko, that they experiment in the lab with the formation of crystals as a means of demonstrating what he called the "formative forces" in nature."
Secrets of the Soil, Tompkins and Bird, 1989