Lennon's back!

Can't say I have anything, but good to say about Lennon, lol. He was an inspiration, and I think will always be rememered as such - There are some who can't stand him, but that is only because of his anti religious stance, I think?

Anyway, pretty funny - if not a little bit cool. It's good that he still has an impact on some....

His message will always have an impact.. ;) It's an important one. Also a very quick witted man armed to the nines with humour... Some didn't "get" his funny side or found him sarcastic... That could play a part.

~~All we are saying, is give peace a chance~~

~~Love is the answer; this you know for sure. Love is a flower; you gotta let it, you gotta let it grow~~

~~All we need is love, love - love is all we need~~

Yup, important message, and it will always have an impact!!
A lot of Lennon's stuff after the breakup of the Beatles was pretty pathetic. There are a few exceptions, of course- the guy was brilliant, but he was also stoned out of his gourd for years, hiding out in his bedroom at the brownstone while he pretended to be a "house husband."

It's just so unfortunate that he was murdered at a time when he had cleaned up, gotten out from under his own shadow, and was re-emerging as an artist in his own right. So sad.

But you know Chris, It was terrible and tragic, and his killer ranks right up with Hitler and many others that have been hated for what they have done and has to hold a record for human with most death threats from in and out of prison... Been in isolation is entire sentence and had parole denied 4, 5 times? A hated man.... (Which Lennon wasn't about...)

I think things happen just at right moments...I wonder what would of been though, if he was here today... I heard recently... Mcartney wanted to change the Lennon, Mcartney title to Mcartney, Lennon... Isn't that such a small thing to worry over? I always wondered if Jude and Sean (His sons) Would grow to be like him, don't really know that much about them, something to look into today for me I thinks... I know they did a few songs... They must be like 40 and late 20's now...
A lot of Lennon's stuff after the breakup of the Beatles was pretty pathetic.

Well Chris, that is an accurate statement, however Paul and George also released some stinkers in their post-Beatle days. I was a fanatic for those guys from the onset of the British Invasion and still am I guess (to a certain extent).