if it was legal I might try it. Primarily I support it because it's less harmful than alcohol and, if regulated, an excellent source of revenue rather than the money sink that is the "war on drugs." I think it's so silly when people get arrested for having marijuana on them. It's pretty harmless except in excess which is true of most things.
Alcohol is a very dangerous mummy which will eat the livers of the human's but they are thinking about it they are drinking and enjoying their family is crying like anything thinking of them but they are not bothering any one so government should ban it for a while because they are becoming slaves drinking is healthy to body but not more we have to control ourselves and drink less even doctors also says to drink and also they also drink..


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In April, the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau requested comments on a wide range of issues concerning informational labeling of alcoholic beverages. The current appears to be just the first step toward future rulemakings to provide consumers with more specific information about alcoholic beverages.

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