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I haven't checked if there is already a thread running on these people, but I am currently discussing some topics on a Nazi site where I compared them to the WBC, and then I decided I didn' t really.... Know that much about the WBC so I checked their website.... I was shocked, my heart missed a beat, it most certainly did....

How can anyone of a religion or non religion live with themselves with so much hate inside them..... I sent them an email......

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Wow... I feel so sorry for you... You are the must disturbed, lost and blinded people I have ever come across... That is truly saying something.... If there is a god, I hope it will have mercy upon your souls, that is the only hope of any redemption you have, and you certainly will find hardly any human mercy...

So lets hope there is something more forgiving out there...... I also hope that you can sleep at night.... Maybe one day you will not be tormented by hate.. Hate is the worst advisor you could possibly follow..... Listen and trust in Love..... "Jo".

Wondering if anyone else wanted to perhaps send them a message in the same kind of style? I mean, no hateful emails.... Just emails of hope...?

I am not sure if it just the frame of mind I have now, but I have never seen such sickening and insane ideas, values, goals and statements.....

Anyway I had to vent about them to someone... So, sorry again if this is a replica thread..... Just, woah.... That is very sad.....

They say Jesus wept........ No doubt he did......
This is the Westboro Baptist Church, yes?

No need to worry too much. They will die out in a couple generations. From wikipedia:

The church is made up of approximately one hundred of Phelps' family. Phelps does not permit WBC members to marry persons outside the church.[citation needed] As relatively few individuals have joined Westboro, there have been at least two marriages between the Phelps and Hockenbarger clans, resulting in some members having dual genealogical relationships.[citation needed] In the documentary The Most Hated Family in America, the young girls in the church express no interest in getting married, because "that's not what we are about" and "we're living in the last of the last days, times are very short".[13]

Basically, they ain't marrying, and when they are, it has to be with each other and there's only about two or three families in the church. So before long, you either marry your sibling or cousin, or you don't marry. They'll die out naturally due to their hate.

Yeah, they're hate-mongers and extremists. What bothers me most about this sort of thing is it is a distraction. They are not a real threat. They could be entirely ignored, and in fact, would not continue very long if they received no media attention, no social attention, nothing. It is our attention to them that perpetuates this kind of crap. Meanwhile, people are protesting this stupid little group and our nation has much bigger problems- like widespread poverty (especially among children), growing lack of health care, a war that is dividing the nation, a bad educational system, etc.

It's much easier for everyone to protest a small, defined group like WBC than to tackle the big issues. Their biggest impact is in distracting people away from real issues and problems. Their claims are so absurd and their hate so equally doled out to everyone but themselves that they are impossibly beyond the pale. I mean, any group that protests Billy Graham AND fallen Iraqi soldiers is just not a threat any time soon- other Christians wouldn't accept it. The groups that limit their hate to homosexuals and/or certain ethic and religious groups are much more dangerous. This group's broad swath of hatred makes them unappealing to the masses.
It seems to me the definition of 'hate' and 'love' here is becoming more than a little twisted as it is being applied to someone who protests against someone, their beliefs, or an alleged nation. By the reasoning presented the following would also be a collection of hate mongers who have often selfishly spoken and protested against an alleged NATION that has threatened their beliefs:

Native Americans - Indian Nations
So are you saying WBC is not showing hate when it does things like carry signs that read "God Hates ****" and "God Hates America"? Is it not hateful to carry these signs into funerals where grieving family members must deal with this crap?

And if a group carries around signs that claim God hates people, is it far-fetched to say they are showing and furthering hate?

Not all protest is hate. Protest that involves signs saying God hates certain people is... hate. Just calling it as they themselves put it out there.