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Maryland. usa. FINALLY! LOL
well, i have to say it........ I didnt think i ever would goes....................... my prime minister......... K-Rudd. well, he has gonads. Today, he spoke to some students and dignataries in China (in mandarin) yes, hes a show off. lol. but he told them that the Australian people were concerned with the welfare of the Tibetans (ese??) and that he thinks China and Tibet need to dialogue.
Now, this may seem strange, but please understand that this fella really did seem to be a bit of a "yes " man probably lacking a bit of a spine, but he went into the "cauldron" and told them what he thought.
I mean honestly, who would have thought that?? I mean, he didnt ask Mr Dubya what he reckoned, he just did it.

Good on ya, Kevin,,, Im proud of ya..........
I like him cos he just said "driving the porcelain bus" :p

lol.and the reason most of us voted for him was cos he admitted to going to New York and going to a strip club and reckoned he couldnt remember much from that night.............go you good thing. lol. now, thats an aussie we can be proud of. llllllllllllllllloooooooooooolllllllllllllllll