Diarrhea Diet


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A little comic relief.

Buyer Beware: Do NOT buy this product... unless you want to "Sh-t Yourself Thin"

The Diarrhea Diet | Health and Wellness | AlterNet

Because the active ingredient in alli, Orlistat, blocks the body's absorption of fat and ushers it out the bowels, sometimes before a person is ready or warned, GSK originally cautioned users to bring backup underwear with them or wear dark colors.
ha ha... great story... Incidentally, I have a friend who is prescribed this medicine, and it's true, it really does make u poo fat!

if you eat lots of cakes one day... gallons of it gush forth, apparently...
I am not agree with Alan,milk products such as milk,cheese,pudding ,curds are not good for diarrhea...reduce consumption of milk products.
Drink more amount of water and fruit juices.
When I first saw the title of this thread, I thought it was about people eating diarrhea, not making it.
Eating diarrhea is sure to ruin your appetite, enough to make you never want to eat again!!!:D
I think Laura posses more knowledge at least about "Diarrhea Diet" Than me
so follow her instructions strictly and get rid of this problem.

Smith Alan :)