Illegal Search?


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Ok our latest ranch invasion by the feds to protect us from these various cults has taken yet another turn.

Its the Jeffers compound and the raid that took away all the children. They couldn't identify the girl that called in the original complaint, and now they've established it was a hoax?

And they've determined that now that they've been in there they have evidence of abuse and they are doing dna and more analysis to figure out exactly what they have.

But who precipitated the hoax, and the determination that the warrant is still valid?

I'm not currently on the side of anything but the protection of the innocent and our percieved constitutional rights. In what situations could the evidence obtained from a warrant which was issued due to a hoax call be admissable and in which situations not?

Say the police or a family member, or a former family member with a grudge innitiated it, they didn't have the evidence or probable cause so they created it...would that cause it to be thrown out?

As with the Branch Davidians the story of the raid has as many implications of wrong doing as the stories of those in the compound.

Slippery slope?
Definetly slippery. And I dont think the media helps when they call it a compound. It looks to be more of a small village. It had almost a hundred buildings? including many businesses (mostly craftwork). Worded that way it gets pretty hairy. That a single anonymous caller can generate a raid on everyone in a small town. Where they can take ALL of the children away until they decide if something wrong has been done?
New Supreme Court decision. I heard driving home last night. Couldn't find it googling, my understanding of the particulars:

Man pulled over for traffic stop. He was arrested for violation. Car impounded and searched. Drugs found. Later his arrest and the impound of his car were deemed illegal because his violation did not warrant an arrest but only a traffic sitation. Search ruled admissable. By supreme court.

I am not condoning the drugs, but this appears completely contrary to our established system, must find more info because if this is so the slope is so slippery we'll all find ourselves sliding.