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I just started posting videos on youtube ( YouTube - malachirothschild's Channel ) and I was curious if anyone from here also posts videos to youtube. In this I mean original content, not clips from your favorite television shows.
Dauer, I watched your video the other day and it gave me a nightmare. I've had my share of getting kicked around, too; which may be why I was strongly affected by your video. One of my best friends of all time (hyper-intelligent) has Asperger's. In my nightmare, I dreamed people were talking about me behind my back, which somehow seemed all-important at the time and frustrating. None of what they said made much sense -- something about the colors I was wearing or whatever I assumed they were thinking. I became paranoid in the dream, and I somehow got myself committed for six months by a judge at my own father's request! I broke a chair and accidentally broke the judge's gavel stand. Thanks for the video!
You're welcome. I'm planning on making some more, for now focused on different experiences I've had in life, but I really need to pick a topic and come up with a bulleted list as sitting down and just talking hasn't worked very well.

That sounds like a really frenetic dream, which gives me an idea for a thread.