TV series!!! :D

Almost finished watching the Third season of Eureka... (aka A Town Called Eureka.) I am really suprised there are not that many on these forums that watch it lol some of you sometimes sound like you should be living there....

(Oh also I think this thread should be in the media forum. I would report it to get your attention but I have to wait 600 seconds between reports lol.)
Heres my Fall lineup lol I get a lot of use out of my DVR thats for sure.

The first two I feel I have to defend,... the rest speak for themselves lol

Americas Next Top Model (seriously I like to see how average or the typical unpretty woman actually become the beauty... )

Biggest Loser (This one appeals to that part of me that wants to see people succeed)

The Shield






Eleventh Hour

The Fringe

Terminator: The Sara Connor Chronicles

Sons of Anarchy


Amazing Race

The Island

True Blood


Kitchen Nightmares

Raising the Bar


Living with the Wolfman
did anyone watch Mystery Science Theater 3000?

i really enjoyed that show..

I saw several episodes when I lived with my parents and my brother (it was funny to see my brother's reactions to some of the comments [like "Bite me, Harry O."] He was on the floor with tears in his eyes, laughing so hard.)

A few years ago some of cast was at Gen Con (an RP/CCG/similar game convention) in Milwaukee doing their schtick (I caught some of it, but not much since I was working "behind the scenes" [volunteer job].)

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
Has anyone watched the Showtime series The Tudors?

Loved it Hated it? How accurate was it? Dont ya just love Jonathan Rhys Meyers? :p

Im a history buff and I really loved the series and the acting in it. I would somewhat be upset if the history portrayed was inaccurate.
Just saw the first of the part2 season7 new series. So its about all of us trapped in the Wi-Fi, apparently. Help! We're stuck in here and our intelligence is being used to feed the dark side of Dr. Who's soul! Will good win, or will evil?
My most favorite TV show is by far "The West Wing".
But I no longer admire Aaron Sorkin the way I used to.