TV series!!! :D

hr pufinstuff

What's not to like about a boy and his magic golden flute?

Oh, nevermind...

Next you'll be bringing up Lidsville, or Sigmund and the Sea Monsters

Hey, they kept Billy Barty and a couple of *teetering on the end of their careers* child actors employed for a few more years.

Since we're considering Sid and Marty Croft productions, what about (the original) "Land of the Lost?" Or is that too esoteric?
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Aw, now, we don't wanna make the sidekicks play nice. :D

lol... ;)

Nearly finished watching the first season of Weeds... And have the next three seasons downloaded to watch too... I am really enjoying it... It's about a rich suburb community... And how they aren't that different to other areas lol... It mainly focuses on one single parent that has been widowed... And as the title suggests she sells weed to pretty much all the "high standing" figures in the comunity and so on... But hides it from her kids and friends and it really is a dark, some times sad, some times real humour series... I'd recommend it... I only started watching it because it is by the people that make Dexter.
Land of the Lost! I used to watch that show when I was little. It was awesome.
anybody seeing america's got talent? what a kick ass show. one that i am looking forward to next month is heroes.

i'm not much into television programs though i find a few that i enjoy watching if i happen to catch them on:

Family Guy
Sunrise Earth
1st and 10
Real Sex

eh.. that's all i can think of at the moment.


cutting edge special effects:

YouTube - Land of the Lost 2

OK, I can't YouTube, and I see something about Land of the Lost 2? I think I saw one episode of the remake, and it was no comparison to the original. What the original lacked in effects it more than made up for in storyline. LotL2 just seemed too cutesy to me.

Saw a boxed set of LotL awhile back, hesitated, and it was gone.

I think that's the opening for the second season of the first run of LotL.
Loved The Prisoner. I still say that " seeing you" line all the time. Nobody gets it of course. Remember The Saint? How about Combat- in Color with Vic Morrow?
I don't remember the Prisoner, I vaguely remember the Saint (Roger Moore, right?). Combat on the other hand, *every* Saturday afternoon, along with the Rat Patrol and the Outer Limits.

Waaaay too much tv...
anyone recall the show called The Rat Patrol? it was a show set in North Africa during WW2 and featured a group of American commandos attached to a British armor unit fighting against Rommel.

i particularly enjoyed that show mostly due to the fact that it would tend to make me home sick ;)


The Prisoner was awesome. I saw some of the episodes on DvD a while back.
Some of my old favorites (I don't own a tv so I don't really watch any of the more recent stuff unless I'm somewhere else):

1) Original Twilight Zone
2) Tales from the Dark Side, Sixth Sense series
3) One Step Beyond
4) Next Step Beyond
5) The Omega Factor
6) Doctor Who (Tom Baker, Peter Davison, a bit of Colin Baker)
7) Nova
8) Mystery
9) Masterpiece Theater
10) Great Performances
11) broadcasts from the Royal Shakespearean Theater (including their performance of Dickens' Nicholas Nickleby{sp?})
12) The Storyteller produced by the late Jim Henson

These are the ones I can think of off the top of my head. :eek:

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
Meh outer limits was ok...ish.. It like many got worse as it went on..

LOL, I didn't say it was good, I said I watched every Saturday afternoon, :D Hey, I wasn't old enough yet to appreciate Soul Train and American Bandstand.

I can't believe I forgot Flipper! And Gentle Ben.