Purchasing Domain. Advice Requested.


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Hey all.

I am purchasing a domain for a private site which I'll also need hosting for. I'd like to have at a minimum 1 e-mail account and a blog (with possibility for vblogging.) So far I've only looked at the GoDaddy packages. I'm not really sure which of theirs would better fit me or if there's a better service to go with for the purchase and hosting of the domain. I know there are quite a few geeks on this site who know a thing or two about web hosting solutions. Anyone have any advice on a service that would fit my current needs? Thanks for your time.

-- Dauer

Additionally if hosting videos complicates things I can always host on youtube and embed so that's no biggie. Youtube is probably the better way to go anyway in terms of networking, link backs and so on.
Jus make sure whom ever you go with you make sure how restricting the website bandwith is... That tends to mess most people up, you obviously will need quite a bit if your gonna have video on it... Mate screw youtube.. If you have your -own- domain you can store/share whatever you want! :D I wouldn't know who to suggest as I use free ones...

doesn't that reduce networking? I mean if I'm on youtube, the videos are appearing both there and on my site with the majority of people who search for video using youtube. Course the community there is pretty awful much of the time.
Yeah I guess it is good for advertising... And I guess for saving space in your webshell.... But, you can put them on your own site aswell :p You don't have to use other sites to do it, Just to remember if you are going to have flash files, video files, and other bandwith sucking monsters, just to make sure you get more than enough space... I have had experiences in the past where too much traffic to sites I have built has temporarily shut them down.. But that is free sites for ya lol it does happen with pay sites too.

And as you said, yes youtube has it's characters lol.... So they may of course come wandering over your site... Swings and rand ah bats!
Look at google apps for your domain - free hosting, basically. If they offer what you need, great. If not, then GoDaddy is not bad - I've found their hosting to be a tad slow lately for my domains.
I have found that usually ur isp will give u space... for free... its' usually only around 15-25mb, so u can have about 2/4 pages of content, with pics, etc, and frames, etc, and if ur using utube for vid hosting and a blog site for ur blog, then all u have to do is add ur links to the page ur on, and ur away, surely?

as well as this, if there is downloads, etc, u can just save them to ur desktop, and again, add links, and so long as ur machine is on, ppl can link to ur links, etc...

if ur trying to set up a commercial site... there's no point trying to do this...u just won't get a free space without having to limit download sizes, have low res graphics, etc, and it looks rubbish... so u'll probably have to buy space...

but where? ahh!
Low res sites can still look good lol... Infact I prefer them... When I am not on my monster of a connection at home and on a slower lamer connection it bugs the hell out of me when you sit wasting time for high res sites to load.. Specially those that go way too over the top, too much movement and too much flash... Those kinda sites bug the hell out of me. Yeah great you got some kinda interactive swirling turd... Well done you must be proud... But I just want to get some information or a resource... You made me wait for that to load? Thanks.
I was thinking, I could probably just purchase a domain and make a redirect to wordpress if I put a blog up there, yeah?
Whoah! Dauer, feel free to PM me and I'll get you sorted out. :)