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a figment of your imagination
I know I've been accused of being anti American before...well here is another chance.

Last night I was listening to all the whining about the Chinese girls being underage and the judging and scoring going against our American Girl...

And I was contemplating...there hasn't been an Olympics that I haven't heard the commentators whining about the judging and how our atheletes got the raw end of the deal. Every four years same tune. It used to be because of the USSR and the Czech judge this and the Romanian judge that.

And now no judge can be from a country that is in the particular competition...and that is the problem.

I just want to see the athletes that the countries send competing, I don't have a stake in who wins the most medals...I'd love to see the stats of medals won per athlete sent...that would mean more than the billions US and China and such spend trying to medal each other out...

I felt really bad for the American pole vaulter who came in second, Silver Medal, and got lambasted and chastised by her coach for doing things wrong. She competed against a Russian vaulter, top in the world, holds and broke 24 records for female vaulting, including a new Olympic record. That second place finish appears phenomenal for one who has been vaulting for less than 4 years to become second in the world.