Reincarnation--islamic belief/teaching?


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Salaam to all!

Recently, I have posted a reply to a post that discussed a possible reincarnation case of a little girl (New Age forum). In my reply I posted a 'memory' of my own birth. The 'memory' appeared to me when I was about 5 or 6 years old, and all the time I thought of it as 'memory' because I could remember the details, the feelings, etc. I never thought of it as a dream,but... do not know, it's possible. :)

Anyway, a Christian person replied and stated that he believes in reincarnation. I replied back that my religion does not support it and therefore I must not believe in it.

After doing some reading, I found that there are some Muslims in the world who do believe in reincarnation. Apparently, they rely on certain ayats, while other Muslims contradict the claim by reaffirming the ayat that go against the reincarnation teaching.

Example: 1) one ayat talks about first death, then humans made alive again, then dead and then alive again and 2) another ayat mentions unbeliever begging Allah The Merciful to be brought back to life and is denied.

Do any of you Muslims on this forum believe reincarnation is supported by Islaam/do you believe it? If so, why?

Thank you all for replying. :) Salaam.
I am curious about this too. I did not think that reincarnation was a belief in any modern Muslim communities. However some scholars believe that the concept of reincarnation was originally introduced to Judaism via Islam. This has confused me because I haven't heard of the belief as connected to Islam outside of the context of the origins of the Jewish belief in reincarnation.
I havent anything about reincarnation either. There are views that can be considered as reincarnation, but they arnt really reincarnation because there is no "carn" there.

As I have read, we all (the souls) were born at "be". We stayed/lived somewhere which is called spirit realm. Then we were born here (planet Earth), which can be considered as death from spirit realm. We die here, & the after life starts (a new birth, but not exactly re-incarn-ation), we die at the day of judgement (first blowing of trumpet), & born again with our deeds in our hands (second blowing of trumpet).

The verse you refered talk about death on earth/birth in after life, & death in afterlife/birth on day of judgement.
There is no dharmic styled feed back loop here. Its a one way journey with a 2-3 deaths/births in the way.

A few years ago I read some sufi views on re-incarnation stories. I dont remember exactly, but it was something like the deeper layers of mind connecting to the consciousness of some other (dead or alive) person, & the superficial layers seeing his experiences & (having no other choice) interpreting them as their own.