Ron Paul is still running!

Why does he even bother? What a waste of campaign money.
He bothers because he is passionate about an opposing viewpoint. In our country we have the dems and the reps and then there are the also rans...the constitutionalists, libertarians, greens, etc... folks that feel their agenda and concerns are well founded and not addressed adequately by either party.

These folks out there wasting money have a following who agrees the two party system is broken and needs correcting by allowing multiple voices to be heard. They also know if they raise enough stink about freedom, the constitution, the environment or whatever one or both of the two parties will take on their cause if only to attempt to get them into the fold.

Thousands of folks are there in the center supporting Ron Paul, and many more watching on the internet since he is getting very little media coverage...the same as in the primaries despite the fact that he was consistently in the top 5, the media talked about everyone else including folks he beat!