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Thank you, as ever! Pressed for time just now, but I'll look soon...promise.

Wow, some pretty awesome stuff...even got sidetracked into some of the fossil dinosaur finds. I really liked the cache of Clovis points in Colorado, and the Tonga glyphs. Some really cool stuff, thanks!
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Cool! The Civil war era wreck that would be the treasure hunters grail is a Federal ship that sank with something like a quarter million dollars in gold coin...accounting for inflation and the price of gold, that should be considerably more now. I forgot the name offhand, I know there have been a couple of false reports of those thinking they found it, but as far as I know its still out there on the bottom of the Gulf somewhere between Florida's Big Bend and Mobile Alabama.

Thanks as always!

BTW, have you ever looked into the story of the Ironclads? Particularly, the Monitor and the Merrimac (properly C.S.S. Virginia)? Was a favorite subject in school when we had to cover the Civil War, and I had the fortune of living for a time on the south shore of the Cheasapeake Bay. Many times I have looked out over the waters of Hampton Roads where that infamous battle occurred.

Last I heard the Navy had teamed with some others (NOAA?) to retrieve what they could from the ocean floor off North Carolina of the wreck of the Monitor, and created a museum for it. The Virginia suffered a less magnanamous (sp?) fate, run aground on Craney Island near modern US Navy base at Norfolk, VA; scuttled and burned. The "cheesebox on a raft" marked the beginning in earnest of modern naval warfare with iron ships and pivoting guns, not to mention screw propellors. I believe the fellow's name was Ericsson that was responsible for the design, and many more were built and put to service in the Civil War and served long after until around 1900 when the last of the first design were retired.
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