Aliases Anonymous

Nice to meet you, Lab Assistant.

Um... yeah. We gotz some snows over on the east side of the state as well. My guesstimate is like... a whole frickin' lot of it. In layperson's terms, I'd say we're looking at at least a foot. My car door keeps freezing shut, too. Found out a hot water trick for that, though, thanks to a polite and helpful stranger yesterdayz.

I may have dabbled in sock puppetting at one time in this forum... or my creation may have had a mind of its own. I understand how and why it would be frowned upon. The temptation to abuse is quite enticing. ;)
Although I have no doubt that Lab Assistant will uphold the most stringent professional ethics. Does she brew potions, by chance?
The snow on this side of the Cascades is different than the snow east of the Cascades, and driving in it here is way different than driving in it there, as these two bus drivers and students from Moses Lake found out the hard way! :eek:
Local News | 2 buses skid down slick hill, barely avoid plunge to I-5 | Seattle Times Newspaper's snowing again. I hope we don't get this unseasonal confusion again, like we did last year: