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I went to my favorite local theatre, six screens, much of the time 3-4 of the screens are dedicated to foriegn films, indies, non mainstream stuff.

Proud American played this weekend. Hadn't heard of it, hadn't seen any previews.

It was about entrepreneurial spirit, that anyone who has the drive and desire can make it in this country. It was a feel good film, the type created by the USIA to show in other countries to entice immigrants to the US.

At the end, privately funded by American Airlines, Coca Cola (can't remember the others) did remember one more name though...

Ross Perot.

Anyone else catch this film?
Anyone remember Yakov Smirnov? "Only in America"??

He was prominent in this film. With is jokes about our oxymorons of life.

He also had quite the line.

He said (paraphrased). You can move to Italy, but you cannot become Italian. You can move to China, but you cannot become Chinese. Only in America can anyone move to America and become an American.
Yeah I think that is one on my "to avoid" list lol...
ah, Alex, its a little sappy, a little over the top, ignores all our faults, but has some great videography...

You and Pathless may not appreciate it as much as a Michael Moore film.

But I think Q and a number of others here will enjoy it.

btw the other night I ran into a guy that escaped from South Vietnam after the war. His cousin @ 17, his sister @ 18, and he @10 years old, took them nine months, nearly starving a few times, plenty of issues between robbery, beatings, refugee camps, pirates, bailing boats. I know he didn't tell us all the stories. But he smiles, arrived in San Francisco 1980, went to school in Los Angeles, became a citizen in Philadelphia, now goes back to see his mom and extended family annually. He's a happy camper here in the USA and proud to be an American.
Wow what a journey huh? Shame he doesn't share more stories I am sure they are of much interest...

The only thing I meant by avoiding the "proud american" is movies like that hype the country up to be way more than it is.. Largest drug abuse, trafficking, murder capital..... You know... I won't go on lol.. But it ain't always that greener on the other side of the fence....