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לבעוט את התחת ולקחת שמות
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Have you seen the little piggies crawling in the d

I have decided to make a combination of two of my hobbies.... Drawing and writing...

Although not quick 5 - 10 min works of art.. I will be putting much time and effort into these art works... I am attempting to make a fantasy journal/diary.... Filled with legends, mythology and adventure... I 'think' I have a title... The Chronicles of The Lands of Elzwyre.... I have bought a large pencil, and charcole set... and a 100page A$ size black binder book that looks really snazzy (I can also add more of the high heavy quality pages if needed into the binder spine)

Anyway, if it is ok I would like to use this thread to give updates on it? Although I am sure it will be no where as quick as the art work where I can make over twenty odd images in a day.. I wish to take my time with the drawing and the writing... And combine the arts to make a real nice book.... So if it is ok... I'll keep you all posted :)
I love fantasy artwork. I would be interested with what you do. My nephew is very talented and draws beautiful fantasy stuff.. dragons and demons angels and animals. It blows my mind.
lol you should share some of his stuff in the gallery :D

I am currently struggling... spent two hours last night scrawling... I have come up with half a creature... lol Trying to make as original beings as possible... not so easy.. today I also start my writing.