September 14, 2023

Injustice, Anger and Forgiveness.

by Interfaith

So much injustice happens in this world, that never seems to be put right. This can lead to anger, but anger is like picking up a burning coal, with the intention of throwing it at the person who angers us, but the person who gets burnt the most is me. Often, we don’t get the chance to throw the burning coal of anger, we hold onto it, the anger becomes hotter and hotter, and it eats away inside our soul.

Should we forgive, should we try and let go of the pain of injustice, are there conditions to forgiveness?
Is forgiving part of a healing process?
If we forgive, who benefits the most?
Should we forgive, if someone is not repentant?
Are there different levels to forgiveness? Is there a difference forgiving someone who has stolen £10, or someone who is responsible for the death of a child?

EricPH 14/09/2023

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