September 14, 2023

The Mystery of God’s Will Unfolding in this Matrix 2

by Interfaith

I restarted the OP as I have come to terms with my own error in the first OP.  I see I started a conversation about the Light of God in a very negative and not a positive way.

The dawn of a new day brings the rising of the sun in stages and many positive things happen with this event, after all, the Light that is arising brings forth life, heat, growth. The negative, that is, the lack of the light of the Sun is what eventually unfolds in death and decay, it is not connected to the growth.

I have offered these thoughts recently, but these thoughts should have introduced this topic.

Prior to the dawn of a new day, signs of the sun about to rise commence in this material world. There are those thay are up before the first signs of light can be seen, then more arise and see the dawn of the light. The birds start to sing as the rays of the sun penetrate the darkness of the night. Much metephor can be offered.

There has always been signs leading up to the declaration of a Prophet Messenger, one is signs in the heavens, a star that guides the way. This is recorded in the Holy Books.

In this version of the OP, it is seemingly unrelated events that herald the light that I will introduce for consideration as viable signs we could look for.

I will state some events that would support the OP subject, that can be further discussed.

The 1843 Comet.

The 1844 Declaration of the Bab.

The 1844 prediction of Christs return by William Miller in America.

The 1844 Telegraph Message of “What has God Wrought” the day after the Bab’s declaration, sent in America.

The 1844 ‘Adict of Toleration’ which opened the door for the return of the Jews to the Holy Land.

The 1845 return of Biela’s Comet and the dramatic split of the comet into two tails, One being brighter than the other.

Link to a discussion on this comet.

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This is worth a read, as this OP is introducing the possibility of Twin Messengers.

There is much to discuss. Please join in if you are interested in exploring this aspect of faith. It can discuss events that have heralded all the Prophets and Messengers.

Regards Tony

Tony Bristow-Stagg 12/09/2023

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