January 14, 2024

Reasoning the LHP

by Interfaith

Hi Amir Alzzalam –

I’ve picked up the discussion from the Sapere aude thread, because it seems more relevant here –

‘Amir Alzzalam said:

When I use the word ‘faith’ I mean it in the way that I have faith the sun will rise tomorrow morning, as it has for a long time, I also have faith that the tenets of the Western Left Hand Path work as they are demonstrable and consistent.

If I read you correctly, here and elsewhere, faith as you describe it here is based on a reasonable assumption based on experience – eg. the sun invariably rises in the east, and barring some catastrophe, will continue to do so … that kind of thing?

But for the outsider, the certitude of the sun rising in the east is not a philosophical question, it’s an objective actuality. The LHP is not the same order of thing.

‘Amir Alzzalam said:

The LHP is a philosophy that doesn’t require objective proof.

A question then – without detracting in any way from the LHP as such – is without objectively-observable criteria, how do you present the LHP to another? Moreover, how can you reason it to someone who doubts its credibility?

(One doesn’t have to convince another that the sun will rise in the east tomorrow – just ask them to look for themselves.)

That the LHP is demonstrable and consistent to you, according to your own satisfaction, may well be the case – but I am not sure what grounds you can offer it as reasonable and rational, etc?

To be clear – I am not trying to disprove the LHP, but I am suggesting it’s somewhat disingenuous to refute a theism so vociferously when your own path is subject to the same critical dismissal?

How do you answer the accusation of the LHP being simply a fantasy within one’s imagination?

‘Amir Alzzalam said:

What is referred to as Apotheosis on the Western Left Hand Path … entails realizing one’s Greater Self, and bringing this Self into your everyday life in order to become more than Human.

How does the LHP describe or define the ‘Greater Self’?
How is the Greater Self more than human?
How does one know one has realised this Greater Self?



Thomas 13/01/2024

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