January 14, 2024

Sapere aude

by Interfaith

Hello Fellow Homo sapiens:

Homo sapiens means wise humans. Let’s work at it!

I come from a Jewish background, and as a pre-teen could not understand how adults could believe in the Old Testament. It was obviously mythology.

These childhood observations led me to become interested in a number of related areas, like other religions, psychology, physics, etc. I wanted to know what the evidence showed, and why people willfully ignored the evidence.

While pursuing my professional career in the nuclear power industry, I didn’t have much time to pursue these interests, but now that I’m retired, I’m good to go.

When communicating on the Internet, I unfortunately find that in discussing these issues, many religious people feel they are being “attacked”. Criticism is not “attacking”. I welcome criticism, and “attacks”. Tell me why you think I’m wrong, and if your evidence or logic is sound, I will have learned something.

Thank you in advance.




Naturalist Jan 6, 2024

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