December 5, 2022

Spirituality and the Arts

by Interfaith

Around the age of eighteen, my hardcore materialism got its first major dent. A friend showed me a magazine article about Pre-Raphaelite paintings. There was a moment of emotion that was both unique and very at odds with my worldview. I experienced something similar when many years later I discovered the work of Frederic Edwin Church.

Now in old age, I have been making a final attempt to get to grips with poetry. I am beginning to find it there now. Not in the same way, seeing a special painting is a little like an explosion. Poetry is more gentle, something to be savored.

I once read an article about some aspect of quantum physics. The author wrote that what he was trying to describe could only really be understood through the language of mathematics. I sometimes wonder if the same is not true of spirituality and the language of the arts.

Any thoughts?

(Leveller Nov 1, 2022)

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