January 26, 2023

Woke Christianity

by Interfaith

I’ve seen it and I cannot be surprised that it’s infiltrated the body of Christ. We are the bride and our bridegroom is coming soon to take us. I am overjoyed at this!

My sorrow is the false gospel that will lead people away from Jesus. A gospel denying the deity of Christ. I am sorrowful that many will be met by Jesus and He will tell them begone I never knew you. I could post my referenced scriptures but I feel that enough people know the most basic of John 3:16 and hopefully His sermon in Matthew 7 and perhaps even Paul’s first etter to the Thessalonians and the second letter to the Corinthians.

Defending the Deity of Christ | Evidence Unseen


In this age of confusion we are beset with labeling falsely. One can be a woman identifying as a man so I should be surprised that anyone can claim to be a Christian without professing the basic doctrinal beliefs? No. It’s confusing though! I’m always looking for my people because they are my family and when I come across false teaching I’m always surprised and I admit.. angry. So I practice what is written in 1 John. I test the spirits and by God’s grace and discernment I am aware that we are surrounded by the antichrist spirit and will move on.

Daily I am reminded that we live in a lost world surrounded by lost people doing lost things.

Jesus left the 99 to save the one! That is a precious reminder that His sheep know His voice and if they wander He will retrieve them!

Have a blessed day!

 Faithfulservant  20/01/2023

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