This section contains various small writings, essays, and theses, on various aspects of belief. These are all written by a small number of authors, namely A. Victor Garaffa, Bob X, Sean Stubblefield, and brian. And at the heart of them is a common and essential foundationist notion – that of questioning.

Some people fear that to question leads to loss of perceptive, when only the reverse can be true. The more we question, the more we think – and thus with every such step we come a little closer to understanding our place in reality.

Please note that none of these articles are officially endorsed as either required reading, a canon of sorts, or else even correct and true in terms of any possible manifestation of “Objective Truth”. The road to dogmatism is one that takes away our freedom of thought. They are simply writings intended to stimulate thinking, offered by personal friends or myself, for the purposes of intellectual provocation, consideration, discussion – or even criticism, should you wish. All comments are welcome, and are invited in the forum.

All of these articles should be considered as copyright, all rights reserved, and commercial usage is strictly forbidden. However, people are welcome to post either fractions of whole of these works elsewhere about the internet, so long as the individual writers remain identified as the authors of their work. In such instances, a return link to this site would be appreciated.

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Explore the mysteries of Central America, with our newly added texts, covering the Gods and Mythologies of the Aztec and Mayan belief systems, Mexican Mythology, and special explorations of Quetlcoatl and Huitzilopochtli - all at the new Mesoamerica section.


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