Apocrypha: the Missing Books of the Bible

All New Testament Apocrypha that I can trace online are stored and indexed here at interfaith.org, in the Christianity section. This includes both complete (extant) as well fragmentary apocrypha.

So far as I can tell from my researches, this is the most complete such collection of New Testament Apocrypha on the internet – of all of the missing books of the Bible.

All apocryphal texts have undergone re-formatting, but all content has been preserved. This includes original translator notes and introductions, where applicable – as well as any already present errors. I have not altered any texts in any way excepting for formatting purposes.

NOTE: There are still one or two textual works in this area I have yet to locate. I’m going to chase them up and ensure they are added to this section, where I may.

IMPORTANT NOTICE – all of the New Testament Apocrypha files, listed below and which are followed an asterisk, are copyrighted works and are used only with express permission. You should not seek to copy these works yourself without having sought out express permission.

1. Pseudo-Jesus apocrypha

1.1 The Epistles of Jesus to Abgarus

2. Pseudo-apostolic (general) apocrypha

2.1 Teachings of the Twelve Apostles (Didache)
2.2 Epistle of the Apostles

3. Pseudo-apostolic (specific – by Apostle) apocrypha

3.1 – Andrew –

3.1.1 Acts of Andrew
3.1.2 Acts of Andrew and Matthias*

3.2 – Barnabas –

3.2.1 Acts of Barnabas*
3.2.2 Epistle of Barnabas
3.2.3 Gospel of Barnabas

3.3 – Bartholomew –

3.3.1 Gospel of Bartholomew
3.3.2 Martyrdom of Bartholomew*

3.4 – James –

3.4.1 Apocryphon of James
3.4.2 Book of James (protevangelium)
3.4.3 First Apocalypse of James
3.4.4 Second Apocalypse of James

3.5 – John –

3.5.1 Acts of John
3.5.2 Acts of John the Theologian*
3.5.3 Apocryphon of John (long version)
3.5.4 Book of John the Evangelist
3.5.5 Revelation of John the Theologian*

3.6 – Mark –

3.6.1 Secret Gospel of Mark

3.7 – Matthew –

3.7.1 Acts and Martyrdom of St. Matthew the Apostle*
3.7.2 The Martyrdom of Matthew

3.8 – Nicodemus –

3.8.1 Gospel (Acts) of Nicodemus (aka The Acts of Pontius Pilate)

3.9 – Peter –

3.9.1 Acts of Peter
3.9.2 Acts of Peter and Andrew
3.9.3 Apocalypse of Peter – version 1
3.9.4 Apocalypse of Peter – version 2
3.9.5 Gospel of Peter
3.9.6 Letter of Peter to Philip

3.10 – Philip –

3.10.1 Acts of Philip
3.10.2 Gospel of Philip

3.11 – Thaddeus –

3.11.1 Acts of Thaddeus (Epistles of Pontius Pilate)*
3.11.2 Teaching of Thaddeus

3.12 – Thomas –

3.12.1 Acts of Thomas
3.12.2 Apocalypse of Thomas
3.12.3 Book of Thomas the Contender
3.12.4 Consumation of Thomas
3.12.5 Gospel of Thomas

4. Pseudo-Pauline apocrypha

4.1 3 Corinthians
4.2 Acts 29
4.3 Acts of Paul
4.4 Acts of Paul and Thecla
4.5 Acts of Peter and Paul*
4.6 Acts of Xanthippe and Polyxena
4.7 Apocalypse of Paul
4.8 Apocalypse of Paul – other version
4.9 Epistle to the Laodiceans
4.10 Revelation of Paul*
4.11 Paul and Seneca

5. Infancy Gospels apocrypha

5.1 Arabic Infancy Gospel
5.2 First Infancy Gospel of Jesus Christ
5.3 Infancy Gospel of Pseudo-Matthew
5.4 Infancy Gospel of Thomas – Greek A
5.5 Infancy Gospel of Thomas – Greek B
5.6 Infancy Gospel of Thomas – Latin

6. Relatives of Jesus apocrypha

6.1 Gospel of Mary
6.2 Gospel of the Nativity of Mary
6.3 Book of John concerning the dormition of Mary (transitus mariæ)*
6.4 History of Joseph the Carpenter*
6.5 Narrative of Joseph of Arimathaea

7. Sub-canonical (disputed canon) apocrypha

7.1 Shepherd of Hermas
7.2 II Clement
7.3 Diatession
7.4 Gospel of the Lord (Marcion)

8. Other significant Epistles and pseudomynous writings and apocrypha

8.1 I Clement
8.2 Avenging of the Saviour
8,3 Epistles of Pontius Pilate
8.4 Letter of Aristeas
8.5 Sentences of the Sextus
8.6 Alexandrians
8.7 Revelations of Stephen
8.8 Muratonian Canon (fragment)

9. Fragments of lost apocryphal books

9.1 Gospel of the Ebionites
9.2 Gospel of the Egyptians
9.3 Egerton Gospel (Egerton Papyrus 2)*
9.4 Gospel of the Hebrews
9.5 Traditions of Mattias
9.6 Gospel of the Nazaraeans
9.7 Preaching of Peter

10. Apostolic Constitutions (Didascalia Apostolorum)

10.1 Book 1
10.2 Book 2
10.3 Book 3
10.4 Book 4
10.5 Book 5
10.6 Book 6
10.7 Book 7
10.8 Book 8

11. Psuedo-Sibylline Oracles

11.0 Preface
11.1 Chapter I
11.2 Chapter II
11.3 Chapter III
11.4 Chapter IV
11.5 Chapter V
11.6 Chapter VI
11.7 Chapter VII
11.8 Chapter VIII
11.9 Chapter XI
11.10 Chapter XII
11.11 Chapter XIII
11.12 Chapter XIV
11.13 Appendices – Fragments

* copyright work, used with express permission.

** I have no idea why the numbering system of this work jumps from 8 to 11. I presume that the error lies with the Roman numerals, with IX (9) mistakenly written as XI (11) at the source. However, it is my policy not to change textual information, so it remains.

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