Alternative Spirituality

In the 19th century there was literally an explosion of new sects across the sphere of the major religions of the world, and a few new ones besides. Christianity especially saw a massive splintering of protestantism. Many of these groups had origins in either emergent political theories, or else in the messianic tradition by founders whom declared an imminent apocalypse. Others still were created by nothing more than selective use of the explosion in documentation of world traditions.

Eastern thought began to filter into the USA and Europe, and pagan traditions became a focus point for a few individuals who would define neo-Paganism for the next century.

This section therefore is for cataloguing for those groups and traditions still pertinent today, whose adherents believe that the major world religions have failed to address their own thoughts and concerns.

Every effort will be made to continue the neutral coverage of world thought in this area, which may become a somewhat difficult task considering the often cult-based nature of some groups today.

So far simply bringing the main texts of the major religions to this site has been an intense labour, and will remain the imminent focus for until completed. However, this section will slowly be updated to encompass branches of more recent metaphysical thought, as much as time and resources allow.

For the moment, feel free to enjoy what there is. If there is any coverage you would particularly like to see then please do request so in the Forums, and I will get around to doing so as quickly as commitments allow.

NEW: Mesopotamia

Explore the ancient writings of Mesopotamia, with our newly hosted texts from Sumer and Babylon. Also added are comparative studies of Sumerian and Assyrian legend in comparison to the Old Testament - all at the new Mesopotamia section.