World Religions

One world, many faiths

The purpose of this section is to bring to you a hub of internet resources relating to the religons of the world. This is in the traditional definition, in which a high degree of organisation will likely be involved, in terms of rites and doctrine, even where different sects may disagree with one another.

Every effort will be made over time to make a repository for the religious texts of the world. The process has started, but will take a long time. Limitations include internet availability and copyright restrictions, either of which will necessarily limit the scope of this resource in the making.

For the moment enjoy what we have made available for your convenience. The section on Hinduism is by far the most complete, and there is plenty of information in the section on Confucianism. The Christianity section often links offsite – but does host the largest online collection of New Testament Apocrypha on the internet.

The section here on the world’s religions is improving all of the time – is already proving to be a major internet resource for the study of world religions.

Do feel free to join in dicussions, share ideas, and ask questions, in the forum.

FEATURE: Celtic Myths

Visit the ancient mythology of Ireland and their celtic legends in Myths and Legends of the Celtic Race, an excellent free resource that covers not least the Ultonian and Ossianic cycles of Irish lore.


FORUM: Hearing God?

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