Apocrypha: Hypsiphrone


Translated by John D. Turner

Archive Note: Hypiphrone (which means “High-minded one” or “She of exalted thought”) was preserved only in fragments from two papyrus leaves. The poor condition makes the surviving text difficult to interpret.

The book concerning the things that were seen by Hypsiphrone being revealed in the place of her virginity. And she listens to her brethren […] Phainops and […], and they speak with one another in a mystery.

Now I was first by individual ranking […] I came forth to the place of my virginity and I went down to the world. Then I was told about them (by) those who abide in the place of my virginity.

And I went down to the world and they said to me, “Again Hypsiphrone has withdrawn outside the place of her virginity.” Then the one who heard, Phainops, who breathes into her fount of blood, spread out for her.

And he said, [“I am Phainops …] err […] desire [… the number] of just the human remnants or that I may see a [man, the blood-likeness or …] of a [… fire] and a [… in] his hands.

Then as for me, I said to him, “Phainops has not come upon me; he has not gone astray. […] see a man […] him […] For […] which he said […] Phainops this […].

I saw him and he said to me, “Hypsiphrone, why do you dwell outside me? Follow me and I will tell you about them.” So I followed him, for I was in great fear. And he told me about a fount of blood that is revealed by setting afire […] he said […].


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