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    Hey Bob, I don't know if this is common knowledge or not among small circles, but as I was reading "The Man Who Sent the Magi," I became conscience of the resembles between the name of the Saoshyant mentioned in the Yashts Ashvat-Ereta, the word Avestan Asha and oshea in Yehoshua> Jesus. What do you make of this? You still think that the development of the name Jesus had nothing to do with Avestan. Also I did find the Avestan cognate of the word Christ which is associated with Iza "angel of worship" and the form is Gerezda "fat." The two forms are placed so close together like ishayãs gerezdâ its so weird and makes me think "Jesus Christ?" and according to Mary Boyce this gerezda had something to do with the Soma and I suppose preparing the Hom too. Were you aware of all this?
    Happy birthday Prof Bob. All the best for the upcoming year for you, I hope its full of many happy surprises.
    hey bob, i think i worked the cut/paste thing. have a look in the lounge under what do you look like.
    Hello Professor Bob. ;-) Fair winds and following seas on your endeavor to reach the west coast, and continue to teach people the music of the universe...pleased you took some time to sit with me and mine for some Chinese food and some Irish ditties, and thoughful conversation. thoroughly enjoyed your company sir.


    hey there bob, thanks for a great night the other night. It was great to finally meet you. I know Josh and myself enjoyed ourselves immensley. LOL. Take care and I hope to catch up with you again next time Im in the USA.
    Who needs a red ribbon when we've got you to draw fire for everyone? Such a troublemaker!
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