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  • Hi Nett,
    what prompts you to draw pictures of people with light coming out of their heads etc? Why the choice of pastels and light?

    Thanks for the quote, I looked up C.H. as "dual transcendence" sparked my curiosity. Apparently, it is different from the concept of Absolute Transcendence :/
    Hey Netti,

    I found an excerpt of an interview with J.S. Bell on how superdeterminsm solves all the major contradictions between QM and Classical Physics. The main reason (he admits) why this solution is unattractive is because it destroys the idea of free-will... Since this relates to our discussions, I thought you might be interested. Follow the link:

    Superdeterminism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Leaving; i have tried to reformulate moments ago my last writing to you, dear friend, as my grasp of the English language is far from being adequated to express such deeper 'things'. Please, forgive me if my earlier words were somewhat unpleasant (something be worked upon). It is to be received at your own discretion. Best unto you.
    Peace and Good Will

    P.S.: i have again introduced a minor rewording to it in order to bring forth some further clarification. You may not realize it, dear friend, but you have been very valuable to this learning process of mine that has been occurring while writing about these 'things'. Thank you.
    Paladin, nice of you to say that. I'm actually not interested in refutation, however. I merely explore factual sufficiency. Most of the time the arguments fall apart after the premises have been challenged. ;-)
    Netti, I don't always agree with your point of view, but your ability to build a proper argument, and to refute an opposing viewpoint is noteworthy!
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