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  • oh zen , they are lovely photos...... esp the african grey and the cocky and the baby........LOL> i love babies... Im gonna be a grandma in about 3 weeks.........lol
    Hi Zen- cool pictures. What is the really small bird? It almost looks like a hummingbird. I love Cardinals- a bird that mates for life. Seeing new Cardinals in the Spring warms my heart. David
    Thanks for the congrats. This forum is an interesting place. I am mostly homebound, so being able to talk with wonderful people like you is very
    rewarding. I posted some photos I tool at the Arboretum last spring.
    I'll post pics of my new grandbaby as well. Its a small world,
    which may be a simpler explanation of synchronicity. David
    ah, yes, I used to breed cockatiels. I had a favourite one, "fatso" was his name. He was the best mimicker. He could do everyones cell phones, the house phone, ads on tv and songs. He would call the dogs and whistle to them , that would make them come up to the house. and then he would say "down the back" and they would wander off. then he would call them again..... and then he would laugh. Oh, well, it was one way the dogs got their exercise, LOL. He was frightened of pidgeons but liked butcher birds and hawks. He was out of his cage one day and i guess he got scared and flew away. We put posters up and everything but i think he flew into someones yard and they kept him. I miss that bird.
    Hi Zen- it is Monk, actually dmsingh is my username here.
    My Dad came from India in 1930. My extreme dislike for
    racism and bigotry comes from my experiences growing up
    as a mixed race kid. We'll have to talk as friends, separate from topix. David
    Hey Zen, well, I am currently downsizing my bird population, my house will be up for sale soon and some will have to be rehomed. But I currently have, one cockatoo, one galah, two pair of green cheeked conures, a pair of crimson rosellas, one eastern rosella, one sun conure, and an alexandrine, oh and two canaries. LOL. We had many more but have sold quite a lot. Ill be keeping the eastern rosella (eddy) hes my favourite and the pair of canaries, until I work our what Im doing and where Im going. The rest belong now to my EX and he will probably return to breeding them, i guess.
    Deja vu I randomly used Parrot imagery in a post on here. I'm evidently pre-cognitive! *oops I just thought about burned cookies. sorry about your cookies*
    hey there Zenbirdist, what kind of birds/parrots do you have? I have some too. Where you from? Im from Australia but currently holidaying in the USA
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