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  • *a :kitty: and a couple of lunamoths bring a pair of lunamoth cheesecakes to lunamoth's page, the :kitty: carefully dragging his wagon so as not to cause an accident. He scratches at the small refrigerator, trying to open it to put the dairy confection away as the lunamoths search for the mistress of the particular patch of bandwidth*
    Thank you.

    The new colors are kinda/sorta the colors of my spirituality (remember the patchwork sewing project you have/had? Look up my initial response. ;D) The only one I didn't add was lavender/lilac since I felt it would be overkill.

    As for treats, just a few visits to the lunamoth delegation (they just love visits from their human representative) is enough since I have several gallons of mulled cider and baked goods up the wazoo, including a few lunamoth cheesecakes in the icebox.

    Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
    Yeah, well for some reason I've always thought laser green was the coolest. Maybe I should wear a laser.
    I tried some searches to see why you chose the lunamoth as your symbol, but the results were too broad. Is it just because its pretty or is there something else about it, too?
    hey, lunamoth yesterday Josh discovered a real(deceased) lunamoth hanging by a single spiderweb thread in his shed. Its eerie and beautiful. We are going to take a photo of it for you. We saw it and thought of you....... LOL.
    I am worried about people's b-date being up on the internet, because of identity theft. The computer age left a gap that personal contact used to fill.
    Thanks for the message. Still trying to figure out how to change everything.
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