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  • I sent you a PM with the coding you'll need and the instructions. Feel free to browse through my albums and snag any other images you might want to use. That's what they are there for. :)
    Hi luna,
    Thanks, I think, for my very first reputation. Of course, what you've done, how you've done it and what it signifies shall always remain a beautiful mystery to me so I shall never be able to reciprocate except with my eternal gratitude! But have one yourself!

    Snapped out of it. The thing about her is the one-eye. That's a recurring theme in fantasy literature that just seems to be a random favorite of many authors. I'm wondering if there is some sort of song or underlying myth that inspires it.
    Actually, I love all the variations of star trek. At one time I owned several dozen novels, and I do own all the episodes of
    *a lunamoth flutters over to lunamoth's album, does a quick surveillance, then returns to the lunamoth delegation with a report*

    You're very welcome. Now your very own lunamoth delegation has a place to roost. :)

    Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
    Perhaps you could save it to your hard drive, then upload it like you would for an avatar? That's the only thing I can think of. *blush*

    Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
    Are you going to copy InLove's virtual cake into your photo album? :kitty:s and lunamoths would like to know. *a slice of lunamoth cheesecake is pushed into lunamoth's sensory range as a bribe from both the :kitty: and the lunamoth delegations*

    Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
    Hey, I notice the Episcopalian background. I recently had a conversation with a bereavement counselor who is part of a home health service and she happens to be an Episcopal deacon. I enjoyed talking with her, and I was impressed by her attitude and knowledge.
    Hello Lunamoth. I like your new forum avatar. The colors are bold, crisp and dark and there's a strong contrast between the lunamoth and the background.
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