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Reynolds Price ,American writer and Bible scholar.

It would require much exotic calculation, however, to deny that the single most powerful figure- not merley in these two millenniums but in all human history - has been Jesus of Nazareth.

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Jesus of Nazareth...... is easily the dominant figure in history

H.G. WELLS English Historian

Christ stands .....solitary and alone among all the heroes of history.

Phillip Schaff,Swiss-born theologian and historian
A man who was completly innocent offered himself as a sacrificefor the good of others , including his enemies and became the ransom of the world .It was a perfect act

Mohandas K.Gandhi,political and spiritual leader of India
As a child i recieved instruction both in the Bible and in the Talmud.
I am a Jew, but i am enthralled by the luminousfigure of the Nazarene

Albert Einstein,German-born scientist
(Jesus)life is the most influential ever lived on this planet and its effect continues to mount

Kenneth Scott Latourette,American historian and author
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I can concur, but must pose a quick question.

Mee, do you believe other thoughts of Einstien or Ghandi or others of your quotable notables here to have validity? I'm referring to their thoughts on religions or christianity beyond the select quotes you've picked?

To continue, if you don't read and believe their other thoughts on the subject what makes you put credence in these you mention?
David R. Hawkins:

  • Jesus Christ said, I did not come to bring peace, but the sword of truth. That sword can be quite challenging. It takes courage to be spiritually committed. [Interview David R. Hawkins Gina Mazza Hillier, Magazin Holistic Networker, 08/13/2005]
  • Christ took the sins of the world on his shoulders. When you reach a very high level of consciousness you pick up negative karma from the collective human karma. This is what Christ did. He held all of the suffering of man in mind ("please forgive them for they know not what they do”). Jesus could die for all of us because he could feel our collective suffering. [Sedona Satsang Q&A, 03/15/2006]
  • Jesus was both God and man simultaneously. Jesus said, I am the Son of God and I am the son of man. He was an Incarnation. The Buddha didn’t claim to be an Incarnation. Jesus came for salvation, not for enlightenment. [Sedona Seminar Spiritual Traps, 10/15/2005]
  • The way we dissolve the ego is through love, compassion — not because Buddha or Jesus said so, but because we recognize it for what it is. [Sedona Seminar "Thought and Ideation", provided by, 02/28/2004]
  • Buddha was enlightened. Jesus Christ was the Savior. Enlightenment means transcend the ego to the realization of the source of existence within oneself. That has nothing to do with salvation which means you in and of yourself are unable to transcend the downside of the human ego and it is only by surrendering to a great teacher that the teacher becomes your advocate so that when you leave the body and you approach the Celestial realm, if you have claimed the Christ as your Savior, he will speak for you. Salvation is a reachable goal. We know that especially unconditional love (LoC 540) is a reachable goal in this lifetime. Therefore, even though you are not enlightened, in Lotus Land Buddhism there is an aspect of the Buddha that is Christ-like and Lotus Land Buddhism is similar to a heaven, and from there you can move on to enlightenment. Negativity is so intense that the likelihood of reaching enlightenment here is slim, so you go to a celestial realm where it is more possible to move on to enlightenment. The field of gravity on earth is so intense that it is not possible for the average person. [ACIM webradio-Interview, Miracles Center (Pal Talk), 11/10/2005]
  • You could remove the name of Jesus Christ, and it is just an energy field that you go through. A person doesn’t have to believe in Jesus Christ. [Sedona Seminar God, Religion & Spirituality, 12/10/2005]
  • Jesus Christ had no previous human lifetimes. He came as a Savior. Buddha had many previous lives and taught transcendence of the ego, i.e., ENLIGHTENMENT. Jesus taught that people needed to get to the 500’s to go to heaven. Buddha taught how to go further. [Seminar in Houston, Texas; 'The Realization of the Presence of God', 10/11/ 2003]
  • People like to separate the way of the head and the way of the heart, but it’s only because of the heart that you’re willing to die for Jesus or die for Truth or surrender your mind for Truth. It’s really only coming from the heart. [Sedona Seminar Enlightenment and Surrender, Januar 2002]
  • Question: Did Christ rise on the third day?
    Answer: It is my understanding that the disciples (who calibrated in the 900s at the time) saw Jesus' etheric body. (This was calibrated as true.) [Sedona Satsang Q&A, 05/10/2006]
  • The Second Coming of Christ to me is the rise of human consciousness over LoC 200, unnoticed by the world. If it had been noticed, it would have been resisted. [Sedona Seminar 'The Ego and the Self' provided by, 12/11/2004]
  • The highest level of consciousness that ever existed on the planet is that of the great Avatars – Buddha, Christ, Krishna, Zoroaster all calibrate at 1000. So the top level that man is capable of in this domain is 1000, and everything else is relatively true as compared to that. [Interview 'Truth vs. Falsehood', Miriam Knight, New, September 2004]
  • The term "Christ" generically denotes the state of incarnation of Divinity or Christed consciousness. Thus, Jesus, the Christ, is the incarnation of Divinity as man through which Christianity recognizes the Trinity of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit (calibrated at LoC 945).[Truth vs. Falsehood, p.335]
  • Jesus was aware that salvation depends on the voluntary letting go of the negative aspects of the ego (sin) and the striving for unconditional love and spiritual virtue. If the ego is the focus of spiritual endeavour, then its dissolution signals the end of the karma that was involved in its formation. ["I, Subjectivity & Reality", p.102]
I would suggest that what people have said about Him the most by far is:

"Jesus Christ!"

In doing so they have either positively acknowledged Him as Lord and Savior, or negatively affirmed Him as Lord and Savior by using the Name that is given above every other name --- invested with the greatest authority and power --- as a word of power, a curse.



And, of course, there is the classic testimony of the Unknown Demon, (speaking for all of them, I'm sure):

Mar 1:24 and he cried out, "What have you to do with us, Jesus of Nazareth? Have you come to destroy us? I know who you are, the Holy One of God." (Also Luk 4:34)

Thank you, Estrella, for the interesting collection of Hawkins quotes. I do not know if they are available in one place, and assume you compiled it yourself. Thanks for that effort.


Thank you, Estrella, for the interesting collection of Hawkins quotes. I do not know if they are available in one place, and assume you compiled it yourself. Thanks for that effort.


I'm sorry for having given that false impression of making an effort... I was about to do so when thinking of the following website:
SpiritualWiki - Jesus
from which I finally took these quotes.

And... thank you, 'Learner', for having directed me to this forum here...
To continue, if you don't read and believe their other thoughts on the subject what makes you put credence in these you mention?

Even those who may not recognize Jesus as the son of God , can see what an influence Jesus has had on the world.
clearly if anyone deserves to be our model in life, it is JESUS CHRIST