To Catch A Predator...

Brilliant!! Now that is the kind of reality TV that is worth making.

Incidentally I do know of a group that does this kind of sting but does not act within the law but rather meets out 'community justice'. I applaud them too.
I've had my kids watch that show...

Just so they know that there is a reason to be wary on the net and who you talk to.

It has now been running long enough to have caught the same people twice.

It has also been accused of killing someone. As in their sting when the guy didn't show up they went to his house and while filming heard the gunshot inside of him shooting himself rather than be exposed.
Yeah there is one episode where the guy get caught in a sting and the VERY next day they caught him again..... That was before they had law enforcement present at the stings.

Wow a man shot himself? I know this is where many will jump in and say he doesn't deserve to live so it was good and so on... But, I feel that guy needed help...
i watched it and I am in two minds.
I dont want to think of it as entertainment, but honestly, why should we protect these "people" they are a waste of oxygen.
the guy who shot himself did society a favour by not wasting taxpayers money on his "defense"
i love this show... especially when they get nicked, and start crying like little kids... hahahahaha..

I hear on the grapevine that there are several similiar groups- catching predators, although instead of cameras, you meet, Mr Beatyou! and that's what he does! You think you're gonna get lucky with a schoolkid- think again sucka!

Maybe it could become a new sport? mmmm...
Maybe it could become a new sport? mmmm...

Surprisingly we are actually improving as humans, I see no chance of this becoming a sport.

Yeah there appears to be groups out there that think it is their job to dictate the law and to become vigilante justice mob squads of righteousness... :D What they do is also illegal.