where's my post?


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I'm new to this forum and I just posted yesterday.

I can't find my post in the comparative religions section.
Yeh! I got my first post!

I guess the comparative religions forum is tighter?
Naah - you just got flagged for review since you were a new poster and posted a link. It should be showing up now.

Welcome to IO!

.... Bruce
I can fit in.

This is a great post and makes me think of where I can fit in. I do a little bit of everything mentioned here and I guess I have to find my competitive advantage.
I posted two posts, one yesterday at about 3 am? maybe? somewhere around there. And the other about 15 minutes ago. They both said that they would not post until reviewed by a moderator, and the one from yesterday has not shown up yet?

Have I been forgotten?:(

Thank you in advance if you can help me.

See ya!
Apologies for that - the message is a generic one - ie, you post may not appear straight away - but it does look like a couple got caught by the anti-spam script (which filters posts by new members until they have 10 posts), but I've unmoderated those posts now. :)

I was worried that all was lost for a moment there. lol.

Yep, it got sucked up by a vacuum cleaner and your house-keeper is about to throw it in the trash . . . it's going to be gone forever . . . Aaaahhhhh!!!!!! :eek::D

My poor little masterpiece!