thrown into the world by a wind or a wave whoosh [my mum had a meringue after birth at home].born friday the 13th wooooo so of course l got caught up in the 'meme' unlucky for some [dont believe it but definitely a child of the earth 1+3=4:)] & 'loving and giving' so have a special place for jesus, specially in association with the love planet venus as well as being an easter child [new moon so still LOADS to learn so will probably be back,AGAIN]. the rest is detail workwork lovelove crycry haha. trying to manifest harmonious relations rather than discord in my life but still too many vain hang ups that get in the way. in a crisis about what to do with my life as one must pay the bills; give me no money worries & l will gladly splash paint onto a canvas for a while. a gardener at the mo but physically demanding, studying as well [philosophy but too logical for a neptune rising]. above all else music and dancing is my religion [and god is a dj for l night only].and you master?
what do you call thousands of posts....chopped liver?

thats a strange and even shorter potted auto than mine, addressed to me?
l have no interest in quantity especially the 'size' of ppl 'posts' nor attacks of biliousness or livers being picked to death, lovely myth though. l forgot to mention another religion close to my heart- egalitarianism everything else sucks;)
quite humble autobiographys there hehe.. Well im still young so hoping more will happen haha
This sounds cool idea, specially for getting to know people...

I grew up in quite a 'well off' area..... In school I never bonded to teachers nor students... And ended up being kicked out of many schools for violence and disruption... I had a lonley childhood but it was what I chose, I would sit outside most nights swinging on my swing as high as I could singing along to a really crappy old radio or making "movie" scenes with my toys and planning it all out and then playing it. Or in my swimming pool.. But, always alone.

My father was never home and was drunk whenever he was, my sisters were growing up rapidly and moving out, I was the youngest, and when they left I became a bit put off by it as I used to love to "play" games on them... Such as I once spent four months collecting my hamsters waste..... I then after four months placed it all evenly in my sister Kerry's bed..... It was worth the wait, well, in my opinion....

At about 8 I killed the family cat and we went through a few years of my family dreding me turning into the next serial killer... They had all been reading the moors murder book at kind of near the time of the even which didn't help......

Uhm... sorry childhood has mostly been blocked out and forgotten on purpose so I have to think hard lol... Joined a social club when I was 11 and was banned after the very first visit for sending four children to the hospital lol..... Skip forward to my Teenage life I can kind of vaguely remember more of that although again it's still the same pattern, removed from classes, then removed from school... However here I picked minions :D I had this guy called Lee, will leave out his surname, and he was quite a big lad and he became kind of like one of my goons lol and I reaked havoc for quite some time haha... I do laugh when I think back to these times.

Although there were a few times, we took it too far, never thought about my actions... I still have all the written reports the schools sent my mother over the years... Strange they are kind of like "Trophies" to me.

After being kicked out of my second, secondary school I then had to visit a physcartist... But I smiled and told them what they wanted to hear, and only after two sessions I was out to man my rebellion agaisn't the system once again.

at about 14-16 I had my first joint, it was resin, that horrible brown stuff.... I bought like a 1/4 of a 10th lol for £5.00 or some insane price lol... I felt, so, bad, ass!!! anyway from their that hobby grew.... And also by then I was obviously smoking cigarettes too, believing it to be fun and that I, I would neeeever get addicted to that..... Well, I was wrong.

I recall back to the days on the fields with my legion and we would smoke weed or just cigarettes and even the nicotine was enough to give you a head rush, I really do miss that head rush feeling from nictoine... that was fun lol OH and we had organised riots!! I love that stuff!!! Every lunch time for about two months or so... (it got put to an end) We would just have like a big ass barbarian war on the field (the field was huge like 26 acres) I really felt alive, used to be like 50 vs 50 students!! running around just beating everyone lol and once the other team was done, kind turned on poor passers by! Those were for sure the days! But the poor dinner ladies had enough and by the end of 2 months or so there was double the dinner ladies, teachers and police officers at lunch time... So it ended :( I also had a big big telling off and a 2 week suspension for almost breaking a kids neck with a clothesline, I can still see it today and it is sadistic... But still now the beauty and timing and power of it makes me smile...

Still no sign of religion here lol... When I got to 17 or so I became gothic.... Yeah skirts makeup long black hair trenchcoats.... The 'the trenchcoat mafia' kinda appealed to me.... I with a few others brought the style to our school... I left most of my old minions behind and started my new style... quite a few goths kinda stayed around me like flies to poop.. cause to be gothic was to be different and to be picked on, yet oddly no one got picked on when they were around me....

I went from being less action to more "I won't conform with like you know your society and like you know the system and you know..." lol idle kinda.... Got tired and after a year TOPS I was then back to my "normal" self, and I from here became more violent and racist.... And well for legal reasons and for my freedom I won't go on about events at this point. ANYWAY!! I somehow saw it through to my final year (GCSE's) Even though most of my exams I turned up high!! OH! one I can share which is suiting!! R.E!! lol

We(I and my goons: Adam, James, Lee, another Leigh [spelt different] and Daniel) which were my like most favoured of minions! Went to my house and smoked some... And then went off to our exam And that was such a great day.... I fell asleep... And didn't actually do much...... My friend adam fell asleep but... while he was sat upright, his head came crashing down and bounced off his desk, he had to be removed for stiches lol, my friend james wrote three pages (A4) to answer the first question and ran out of time.... Leigh was removed because he couldn't stop laughing at adams face bouncing off the desk lol And Daniel seemed to vanish.... and didn't take the test yet we swore he entered the room with us :/

So yeah blah blah blah, after school years I went on to do computer/technical diplomas and then joined the army... I was there for a brief period until being removed for being "mentally un fit" and too bloodthirsty.... It was a time of.... hardship for me...

I had become acustomed to military life.... and well I then came out and now I was an adult..... I no longer had school, or so on... I felt obliged to be independent from my mother.... I got my first flat and went through a ****ty two year period...... Really low times... Slowly picked my self up and got myself out of alot of crap...

I finally rented a house in a "well off" area... and from there met my partner who worked for the same company as me... She moved in, finally we bought a bigger better house in the same area..... And that takes me to present... I have been working this ****ty job for a long time now, the longest job I've ever held and I want to escape it so bad.........

I've been from an, anti-christ soldier of satan, neo nazi destroyer of all.... To a drugged out of my eyeballs hippy....... I think I am now in the middle somewhere...Well... Leaning more towards the hippy.... I have experienced many extremes, and I think we have to just keep searching those extremes... Cause one day you never know you might really find yourself...... Sorry I am kinda crap at this? lol
Okee dokey, short version

Born in New York, moved to New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, New Jersey, Maryland, Georgia, Nevada, California, Florida, Nevada, Alaska and now back in Maryland, been here since 85 and ready to move on don't you know.

Cheated my way through school, paid for it by not knowing anything in college and dropped out.

Started drinking in 3rd grade, dope and sex in 5th grade, steadily became a combination of ass and class clown as my tendency to try to get away with everything and anything without concern for others.

Married in 80, twins born in 93, divorced in 02.

Gave up being an alcoholic and drug abuser in '90, twas then I learned to count to two.

Read about a variety of religions since '76, tried to find a Christian Church I liked on and off since then, didn't until '95.

Have worked (earned a portion of my living) in order of appearance as newspaper boy, drug dealer, janitor, pizza cook, concrete laborer, kitchen help, dishwasher, life guard, cabinet maker, ski instructor, countertop installer, drywall hanger, juggler, painter, electrician, house building labor (built 90% of entire homes with one other person, my boss), carpenter, carpenter foreman, superintendent, insurance salesman, vitamin sales, clown, teacher, project manager, emcee, safety manager...Have been tools off, using a pencil, gaining weight, sitting at a computer, since 1989.

Traveled to every state but Hawaii, outside the states only the Canada, Mexico, Caribean...Camped in over 50% of our national parks, hiked a number of peaks, hitchhiked tens of thousands of miles, been broke and happy, life is good.
I went through my school life often confused for either an Arab or Italian but I’m actually third generation British Cypriot. I was the only foreign kid in my class, my school was near an English countryside. Often teachers would make sure the class knew I was Cypriot for those that weren’t intuitive enough to realize.. For some reason I found myself very much liked by my German teachers of the 2 I had and realized I could for some strange reason get away with just about anything to the point my class mates would tell me the German teachers favored me. Anyway there’s no doubt I had a complex this kind of ran through my culture anyway, I attended Greek school every Saturday from which the majority were Cypriot kids and got to make some long term friends there which were different relationships I had at normal school. I found myself out of necessity, I was an elaborate character at school to compensate my differences as the only ethnic, also always felt I was a much more pacified character compared my class mates. I’ve never tried Marijuana or hard drugs regardless of how many house parties I’ve been to, only time I got high was from excess smoke in an enclosed uni dorm room. I was the only person to befriend a Japanese student at the school who had came over with his family who’s dad taught locals how to manufacture cars at a production plant, he was often subjected racism, he couldnt speak English well. The first time I tried Sushi was after being invited to his house for dinner. I pretty much failed at school I even refused to turn up for most of my final exams.

Growing up at home was an extremely scary experience for me, we lived right next to the second oldest cemetery in England and the cemetery and our home also a commercial building itself was part of the Derby ghost walk. Derby is considered to be one of the most haunted city in Europe, Venice being second most haunted.

I moved again at the age of 16, the pressure of moving got to me and I experienced a kind of semi nervous breakdown. I couldn’t leave the house without feeling agoraphobic. Panic attacks, dizzy spells, insomnia and loss of appetite were part of my symptoms. This went on for several months eventually becoming myself again and these kinds of periods have been continuing throughout my life gradually being less intense as each time they happen. At 18 I got into my first serious relationship which lasted 2 years before I got dumped, since then I’ve had a string of girlfriends that never lasted very long untill now. I randomly out of the blue left working for my parents by applying online for a job at the new IKEA in Coventry, I got the job out of thousands of applicants for a standard co-worker position in the restaurant, by the end of the year I had received a not so common co-worker of the year recognition with a nice gift. Im a hairdresser now.