Paganism and environmentalism


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Many modern Pagans consider their religion to the "Earth-honouring" and express this through involvement in environmental activism.

Do you think that it is a good thing to mix politics and religion like this? Do you think that we should be encouraging separation of the two, or more intermixing?
I do think we need to be careful how much we mix religion and politics, but environmental activism in this age is necessary. If neo-pagans are working for this effort, more power to them.

I think its more a point of how informed we are before we jump into any form of activism.
I'm not a pagan necessarily. I think they should go to those rallies but don't bring their religion to it. In other words they should be concious of their religion but not let it be their main focus. I think that holds true for all religions.:)
I think it's impossible not to mix politics and religion on some level because religion is a value system, among other things. But I do think there should be enough freedom that the religion doesn't become fundamentally stuck in one worldview when it's time to transition into something that might be of greater benefit to the creatures of this planet, human beings, and the planet as a whole. I think it's also fundamentally important not to become so enamored with a worldview that it's all one can see. That would be a fundamental mistake.

a video 'spirituality and politics' by Neale Donald Walsch and Dr. Hagelin is great.

One nation under God was added to the US pledge which we modified from the original created by a methodist socialist...

I personally don't think we should seperate our religion/spirituality from anything.

Thou shall not commit adultery....adultery from adulterate from the greek to dilute, to add a foriegn substance, to make impure. This commandment asks us not to dilute our principles...anytime, anywhere....not just the bedroom.

That is what makes the world great....allow everyone to wear their ideals on their shirtsleeves....quit up the discussion.

It is easy to label things off and say not to mix religion with politics, but as far as labels go I would say paganism – at least druidic – is more a philosophical approach than a religion, and that philosophy and politics do mix. Behind the words it is about how we feel concerning our planet, for us pagans it is a living entity – earth mother - that humanity is raping! If it is not stopped everything will end and all our beliefs with it.

It does not matter what religion one follows as we all believe in respect for others and the common community, what ever way we may change things towards the betterment of humanity is good, but first and foremost and especially in our time, we should do whatever we can to be at peace with the earth and allow her to survive!

I would say... that philosophy and politics do mix. is earth mother - that humanity is raping! If it is not stopped everything will end and all our beliefs with it.
how exactly does this occur if philosophy and religious beliefs do not get involved with politics? Seems to me grass roots movements eventually become political parties (or religions)

side bar, the best quote I ever read of Rush Limbaugh's...'Man can never destroy the planet, all man can do is make it uninhabitable for man, the earth will heal and survive after we've made ourselves extinct...and I think that should make the liberals happy.' As I'm not a fan, I paraphrase...but he's got a point.

Yes I see your point concerning grass roots movements – if you can call paganism that [its been around a while]. I did not say that religion should get involved in politics, but that philosophy and politics do mix and indeed most political systems may be regarded as based on philosophical approaches or models.

As I say all this is just playing with labels, in the end most pagans believe in environmentalism as a form of respect to the planet, it cannot be separated!

Interesting sidebar, I am sure we could make it uninhabitable if man really tried – how about a zero point energy bomb, one would do the trick, or a nano transformation virus – that would turn everything into, well whatever it was programmed to make! This is speculative of course but who knows what weapons of the future could do.

Regardless, of anything it is imperative that we should do all we can to protect our children’s future, and our planet. This for me is of primary importance. The greenhouse effect may not make the earth uninhabitable for man for some time, yet I often worry if we will glance past the point of no return – before we even know it. Not just that but the effects are with us now! It is going to take a dramatic transformation of human society to survive imho.

And this means a dramtic change in politics!