Not to defend Scientology, but I think that Tom Cruise is a fine actor, even though he is not a great one. There are far worse out there.


Yeah I have nothing against tom cruise the guy is a good actor. I have alot of issues with scientology though. I must admit scientology is doing alot of good with activism against hard drugs and there objection of anti-depressants even though there reasoning is still dodgy. They believe that Psychiatry is what gave raise Nazism. I would say Eugenics and Darwinism played a big role in the Nazi Ideology. Overall its not a religon or organisation I would recommend to anyone.
Of the scientologists I know it is a system of self improvement classes.

Personal Responsibility, health,'ll find a bunch of businessmen and I'd say a largely successful healthy group of people.

While it has its bizarre side many benefit physcially, spritually and financialy from their association.
Sure you have to "donate" at least 100k to find out the esoteric secretes of scientology. That 75 million years ago an intergalactic space alien lord called Xenu kidnapped Thetans to earth, dumped them in volcanoes and blew them up with atomic bombs.

I think it’s just a case of privileged people having more money than sense. I would not attribute much of their financial sucess, health or spiritual outlook on scientology.
This is funny. I think he should stick to acting haha

YouTube - Tom Cruise Scientology Video - ( Original UNCUT )

Mate..... It is a complete privilege to be a Scientologist! Making jokes about him... :/ To be a Scientologist.... That is something you gotta earn son!

Don't make me bring ethics... Cause I'll drop the E bomb all over everyones asses!

I just think in seriousness.... That it just ain't right, there are loads that rip this piss out of him for his belifes and values... I think that is bs... To some yeah it is nonsense.... But think about it... Your buddha, your christ, your allah, your mumhammad whoever... To others they are nothing but bull**** too.... But how do you feel when someone digs into your saviour/god/prophet and says they are full of **** and you are just crazy believing cuckoo cuckoo insane fantasy land crap...

You wouldn't like it right... You'd be offended... I think people need to go easy on my boy tom, he has his faiths and ideas, perhaps we should respect that?
Well, Tom Cruise has a genuine belief in Scientology, and if that makes him happy, I'm not going to knock it.

People can believe in flying pink elephants for all that it matters - after all it's not what you believe that is important, simply what you do. :)

Would Tom Cruise be a better person if he followed one of the mainstram religions, and is giving a tithe to an older church a better use of money? Or do we believe that some types of belief are more legitimate than others? After all, for all the criticisms that can be levelled at Scientology's core beliefs, are those of mainstream religions really absolved from rational deconstruction? :)
@ Alex P and Brian. This isn’t a dig at Tom or scientology in the sense I want their ultimate destruction and surely the way someone behaves is more imporant but this is more about the influence of the Organisation of Scientology. I've pointed out some positive aspects of scientology mind you. But it's good for people to understand the dark side of scientology too as there has been many people that have had to learn the hard way.

There is a certain vibe of illegitimacy about scientology from many religious perspectives although not a political or philosophical one.
I get the impression that Scientology is expensive and I am highly suspicious of spirituality that costs big buck :eek:
Sure it does. I've covered Christianity many times. Its Scientologys turn now haha.

I have concerns about the truth about Christianitys history and the pedo Preists.
The well to do scientologists I've met weren't well to do to begin with. They attribute their business success and acumen to the classes they took within scientology.

Now if we were to be skeptical that would work similarly with just about any religion or system. Some are successful, some are wildly successful, (be it in society, financially, health, prayer whatever). Meanwhile maybe the lions share are not and they drop by the wayside, yet the shining examples are constantly referred to and bring in more recruits, converts, etc. And also keep that lions share trying to do better, striving for improvement because they are obviously lacking in their faith....

Now also as with any religion, those that make it to the top of the food chain and attribute their health/success et al to the faith...they gladly support it with their dolllars....
And that to me is the core prinicple of interfaith unity :D

Its my opinion though, that you simply can't make a religion up over a bet. As is the case of Scientology.