Top 10 required movies.


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When Seattle asked about Gods must be Crazy, Pathless said he hadn't seen it.

The horrors, how about MP and the Holy Grail, I'm an escapee from a Chain Gang, Rocky Horror Picture Show....

It got me thinking... If I were only allowed to give a person a list of 10 movies to watch what would the 10 be?

I haven't compiled my list yet, but before I forget I thought I'd post the thread.

What is your top 10? Duplicates are fine, that way after enough of these we'll be able to compose an IO top 10.
Namaste Nick and Alex,

Nick, nice choice... I wondered who would go educational/societal impact, how about 9 more?

Alex, interesting bunch and exactly why I wanted to see this. You've added three movies to my list of should watch. One 300 just doesn't seem to interest me, but maybe I'll need to put four in the que. Into the Wild...that one was completely disturbing to me, way to many personal connections.

I used to have a video store years ago that had a rack of employee suggestions. They'd have 8-10 movies on their rack with each employee name above each shelf.
You could look at movies they recommended and say hmmm I liked most of their picks but never heard of this one...and invariably when I gave it a try I also liked the obtuse also ran movie that they suggested.

I thought this would be valuable here as well...we'd see each others picks and find some stuff we'd never run across otherwise.

So far so good, thanx
The way 300 is presented with a touch of miller and a touch of the true courage and brilliance of historical combat and there is a great film lol.

Even if you look at it as not a "military battle" but some other forms of battle I think it has a message.... Stand for what you believe and love and trust.... No matter how many are against you.... Or how many disagree or so on, you know? Values... Stand firm in ones faith brother ;)

I recall talking with you before about into the wild. ;)

And yeah I agree this a good idea, taking a peek at what others find good, is a great way to find new films to experience... I am starting to run drastically short on films I haven't seen lol.... resorting to B movies and so on.... I won't go as far as to look at bollywood though.. I draw a line there.
Must-sees I can do. Favorites would be impossible.

Loving Walter (very sad. only watch this once and you must not already be depressed. {sadness rating: 30,000 hours of RadioHead or 60 homeless nights})
K-Pax (watch multiple times)
Larger Than Life (man inherits elephant -- contains the funniest scene in film history involving a semi-tractor cab)
Joe Vs. The Volcano (Ok, this is not about making fun of Pacific Islanders--try to understand the big picture. Its about us. Also, if you cannot laugh at this film, then you are too sophisticated. Go directly to jail.)
Samurai III: Duel at Ganryu Island (third is the best. All three are culturally & artistically awesome Toshiro Mifune directed by Hiroshi Inagaki year 1956)
Its a Wonderful Life
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Amazing Grace (biographical about William Wilberforce, his friends, and abolition in England)
Blue Planet (The Discovery Channel's excellent series about ocean life)
Galaxy Quest (oh yeah, the guy who plays Dwight Schrute from office space appears briefly in this film. See if you can spot him.)
Namaste Dream,

great list, like the little insights added as well, without them I would consider giving Joe vs the Volcanoe a second look...but I am averse to going to jail....
Namaste Dream,

great list, like the little insights added as well, without them I would consider giving Joe vs the Volcanoe a second look...but I am averse to going to jail....
That is ok. It just means we could only be moving buddies and not movie buddies. Do you have a pickup truck? I'll buy the pizza.

I am studying to be a marriage counselor. (Should I say divorce counselor...?) Here is film on the causes of divorce that everyone should watch.

Brief Encounter (1945). Two married people have a very unexpected love affair. This movie is a clear display of the many surprising and unexpected aspects of having emotional needs. In my humble opinion, this movie should be required viewing before anyone falls in love.

Brief Encounter (1945)
Not in any particular order...

Betty Blue
How To Get A Head In Advertising
2001 A Space Odyssey
Good Bye Pork Pie
Once Were Warriors
The Matrix
The Concrete Garden

I know there is eleven..... sorry I'm a bit dizzy : p
wow,Dream, One on my list is the Blue Planet . I loved it. Under ocean life is just amazing.

Ok. My list

Blue Planet
Young frankenstein
The Ghost and Mrs Muir.
The Young Ones, series, rick, vivian etc
Homeward Bound
Monty python, the meaning of life
The guardian
the movie with cuba gooding junior where he plays the first black man as a naval deep sea diver(and i think he was an amputee)
Star Trek ( the entire series). LOL
I'll keep series and documentaries out for the time being and stick to movies:

The Matrix
Life of Brian
Once Upon a Time in America
Wall E
Conan the Barbarian
Breakfast Club
Lawrence of Arabia
Hot Fuzz
Lost Boys
I cheated - took a quick look at what DVD's I have, and would watch again!

I recognise a number of films on this thread I've heard of but never seen - will have to chase up some trailers on YouTube. :)
In no particular order, subject to change:

2001, a Space Odyssey
Billy Jack
the Blues Brothers
Down Periscope
Heavy Metal
Nice Dreams (Cheech and balls itch...classic!)
Disney's Jungle Book
Saving Private Ryan

Ah! How could I forget?: Something Wicked This Way Comes

Not sure which one to bump tho'
Yeah. I think seeing those creatures had a big impact on me. Seeing them is like finding something truly alien. It is like driving through Los Angeles sort of.

I started watching eraserhead once. I could not watch the film. I know real premature babies with terrible brain damage, and the movie is too much for that reason. It is too much horror. What prompted them to make this film?
It is too much horror. What prompted them to make this film?

Have you been to the movies lately?

My list...
Kung Fu Hustle​
Seven Samurai​
Blue Velvet​
Rocky Horror Picture Show​
The Matrix (first one only... the rest were crap)​
Lawrence of Arabia​
The Treasure of the Sierra Madre​
Pieces of April​
Babette's Feast​
The Producers​