How Do You Change User Name?

Let me know what you want it changing to and I'll get it done. :)
Brian, can I change mine from Avi1223 to Avi ?

Sorry for piggybacking here Jamarz :)
Can I change mine to my porn name*, Blackie Ferguson?

*first pet + the name of the first street you lived on
I'd be Butts Route 2.

Butts was the name of our goat...he ate my dad's cigarette butts and I would butt heads with him...hmmmm seems like I've been doing this a long time....
Ok, one more. I want to change mine to DoFuss1. This would make me very happy! Thanks.
Name changes are really just intended to be rare events, usually with new members who sign up wrong, or someone wanting for a slight change (ie, Avi).

I'm not looking to make changing names a standard feature of the forums - anything but!
........... never mind old joke. Was going to say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious