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Since this is an interfaith forum I think it would be great if by Alphabetical order of every nation we name 10 famous people, great thinkers or any other kind of contributors. In the case the nation is either new, too small or very humble we can just skip them before we hit 10.

List of countries here
List of sovereign states - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

First country - Afganistan

Ahmed Shah Abdali


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There was this one dude... oh, what was his name? He did this thing, it was like, really cool and all. But then the authorities got all on him and said he had to stop... but he didn't stop... he fought back and was all like, "Hey! You can't make me stop doing what I feel is right!"

But then they found him and threw him in jail for like, nothing. They just felt threatened and brought the hammer down when he was totally innocent. Then the people rose up and protested and there was rioting in the streets and... it was totally messed up.

So they finally had to let him go because the people were all up in the government's face and all and after getting out he led that revolution and deposed the military junta that had been in power. Yeah, that dude was really inspiring. What was his name again?
It's a great idea, but perhaps reduce from 10 to 1 for names? Finding 10 for Afghanistan just seems too much of a trial, and there are many more countries we'd struggle for 10 from. :)
Thats a good point actually. Ok 1 it is, would apprecaite an OP correction.

Ok Albania

One person in particular stands out from this country.

Mother Teresa
Hmm I think Albert would be a French? His family were French settlers in Algeria and further more he was born in Algeria when it was under French control.