Seeing spirits (non alcoholic) lol


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When I was young I saw a group of dogs (about 5) while playing in my driveway. They all had shiny white fur, and sat quietly and calmly, not five feet from me, just looking at me. I remember thinking that they looked noble, even though I'm quite certain that I didn't know the word then.

Being a small child, I thought little of it, just stared back for a bit, got bored, and looked back to the ants that I had been observing before this canine encounter began. I looked back up moments later, to see if they were still staring, and they had disappeared. Just poofed, ya know. I didn't even think it strange until I had grown up a bit.

I had a job doing laundry at a historic hotel, and the laundry room was in the basement. I had more (interesting) encounters there.

The first, was of the kitty variety. I was folding towels, and something dark gray caught my peripheral vision. I looked down to see a cat, winding around the table leg, then walking under the table. I went back to work for a second before wondering how a cat had gotten into the sealed laundry room. I looked under the table. Nothing. Searched the room. Nothing. I just figured that it was a ghostie, and got on with my work.

I found later that about fifty years ago, there was a cat that lived in the laundry room. A stray that the workers there had taken to caring for.

Another day, I was folding sheets, talking to my sister, who came down to talk to me if no one was at home, and out of nowhere, I heard a gasp. It was as if someone was standing directly behind me and leaning up to my ear. I spun, thinking that someone had tried to scare me. No one there. My sister had heard nothing.

At home. I was standing in my bathroom washing my hands. The door was open, and I could see out into the hall looking at the mirror over the sink. I looked out the door, I don't know why, and saw a young girl just standing there, facing down the hall looking toward my living room where my brother and his friends were watching TV. She had very pretty almost golden hair. I looked back to the mirror, and saw nothing, then whipped my head back around to look back out the door, and again nothing. There were no girls in my house that day, and I have no way to explain it.

I now work at the desk, and about a year ago, when me, my da, and my sister were here one night, just talking, We all heard someone screaming. It sounded like a woman or a small child, and thinking that it was coming from one of the rooms, my da went to check it out. Everywhere that he went the screams were at the same volume. Every floor. Even when he went outside. He couldn't explain it. We still don't know what it was.

Another night, I heard footsteps from a little kid running. (it's quite easy to distinguish footsteps from the floor above from the desk where I work) We had no children in the hotel that night.

I see people walk past the desk when there are no people in the lobby.

I quite frequently see animals run out into the road that aren't there. And sometimes people, always dark gray, like moving shadows, always in my peripheral vision.

With most encounters, I don't get scared. This unnatural calm comes over me. With some it's as if I'm having a panic attack, and my eyes start to tear. I get this like, bubble of emotion in my chest. It's awful.

So the reason for posting all of this here is, has anyone had experience seeing spirits? What do you think of accounts, such as mine, of seeing ghosts. (it's alright to think I'm crazy, I won't bite ya for it, lol) Do you think that these glimpses have any significance to the glimpse-ees?

Do you think that these spirits are people's souls? If not, what do you think they are? Why do you think that they are here? Do you believe that they attach to places, people, that everyone can see them, that only a few can?

Have fun with it. ;) Discussion starter. :D
Sounds quite normal - we discussed the possibility that perhaps, under certain conditions at least, some movements in our life may be recorded to some degree by our environment:

Not everyone necessarily may agree, and I think it's important to emphasise the need to explore rationalised explanations first - but that there may be an end of the spectrum that allows for such.
Nice. Thank you for posting! It's quite refreshing to have started a thread that doesn't have an exact doppelganger, and I didn't know it because of lack of a good enough search.

Anyone else wanna have a go, now that I'm on a proverbial roll?
I think that there are various phenomena that get lumped into the category of "ghosts," some of which may indeed involve an energetic imprint and some may be of quite another variety as in the case of deceased loved ones who seem to be in contact with the living. For some interesting tales of the latter, see:
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to be more precise, I believe manifestations which do not seem to have sentience, do not seem able to truly interact with the living and seem, in essence, to be almost like film repetitively played in a particular place, (what folks often mean by "hauntings"), are of the energetic imprint variety. Then there are those other classes of manifestation.:) earl