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Hello peoplez.

I'm trying to strengthen my Hebrew language skillz between semesters by using Rosetta Stone in conjunction with DikDuk. My primary interest is sefer comprehension, not conversational hebrew. I'm looking for Hebrew language broadcasts/shiurim for listening between study. Shiurim and other Jewish-related broadcasting is better than say, a political talk radio station from Israel which is better than music. Shiurim on aramaic texts are no good. If the accents are heavily ashkenazic then it's less preferable but not without use. Any suggested resources are much appreciated.


-- Dauer
Thanks but, the first is mostly English and costs money. The second is on the Talmud which is a primarily aramaic, not hebrew text. I'm looking more or less for people speaking in Hebrew about Hebrew texts, ideally shiurim, but Israeli talk radio is good too. I have a lot of material for studying the language. The dikduk software focuses on grammar, with one CD on binyan kal and another CD on the other binyanim. I worked my way through most of the first CD previously but will review it after I get a bit further into Rosetta Stone, which focuses more on conversational Hebrew.

What I'm looking for in terms of resources is to acclimate my ears to processing the language faster and provide an additional type of exposure, in addition to Rosetta Stone, dikduk and davennen. The last link had a few links to Israeli radio stations. I will check those out. My goal is to be able to translate a sefer in a year or so.

-- Dauer

I'm not looking for more to study. I want something to listen to while not studying.